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November 7, 2013: I was perusing the latest status updates on Goodreads when I stumbled across Aestas Book Blog's Review of Addicted to You (get to know a little bit more about Aestas here in this interview).  I had to stop and read it because I just love reading her reviews.  Her progress updates caught my eye and immediately, I wanted to add this book to my TBR list...so I did.  I've seen some reviews of Addicted to You here and there, but it really wasn't until after I read Aestas Book Blog's review that I really thought of reading it for myself.  This very same day, I went to Amazon and purchased the eBook.

November 9, 2013: I read Addicted to You over the weekend and finished it in one day.  Holy smokes!  I seriously could not put the damn book down, it was that good!  Thank God for books because I don't have to wait through a commercial break to find out what happens next!  I was literally walking around with my nose stuck in my Kindle.  I was completely engrossed in this book!  So, about halfway through reading it, I decided I wanted to read Ricochet as soon as I'm done with Addicted to You.  I went back to Amazon to purchase the eBook.

November 10, 2013: After writing the review for Addicted to You on Goodreads and copying it over to Amazon, I got right to reading Ricochet.  Oh boy.  The story just got better...I mean, here we get to see both Lo and Lily try to get over their addiction separately.  Since this was all in Lily's POV, we get to finally see the history of what happened and what drove her to her sex addiction.  I know some people can't stand it when authors write books in series, but trust me, it works for this story.  Like Stephen King said, "good books don't give up all their secrets at once." You can't just end this story in one book or else it will be one very thick book!  The authors have mentioned that this series would be a better fit for TV instead of the big screen and I agree completely!  I would be one crazed fan over this show like I am for The Walking Dead series!

November 11, 2013: I can't get the Addicted series out of my mind.  I'm obsessively reading over other reviews of the books and seriously stalking Krista's and Becca's sites.  My mind is reeling over the story and I find myself counting down the days until Addicted for Now is released.

To help pass the time, I read Addicted to You and Ricochet again.

November 23, 2013: It's 7 days before the release date of Addicted for Now and I'm going through withdrawals.  I can't take it any more!!  So, I decide to do something else to get my daily fix of Lily and Lo.  I ended up creating this fan page.  I take all that I find related to the Addicted series and post it here making this sort of like a one-stop-shop for everything Addicted series (hence, the blog address: http://4ev3rythingaddictedseries.blogspot.com/ -- in case any of you were wondering, 4 and 3 make 7 and 7 is my favorite number...why didn't I just put a 7 in the address somewhere?  It just made more sense to me to use the 4 and the 3 and it looked more creative, in my opinion).

Now that you have the background on how I came about creating this fan page, I'll tell you more about what makes me so addicted to this story and why I think you should read it...

First off, this series confronts a very taboo issue of sex addiction.  I believe a lot of people would disagree that it should even be classified as an illness; for this reason alone, everyone should read these books.  I’m sure there are a lot of people suffering from this illness who are afraid to seek help because they either aren’t aware that they can, or because the subject of sex is not something that we talk openly about.

I’ve read a lot of New Adult books and most are based on the tropes of alpha male (usually the bad boy type who has had lots of experience in the sex department) rescuing the damsel in distress (who is, more often than not, a virgin).  While there is absolutely nothing wrong with or bad about that, it’s nice to be pleasantly surprised and read something that doesn’t follow the norm.  Addicted to You, Ricochet, and Addicted for Now are gritty, raw, and very real.  It doesn’t romanticize alcohol or sex addiction and there are parts that will make you cringe, especially, on Lily’s part.  With that said, it’s easy to dislike Lily (or even Lo) because they appear to be spoiled rich kids who should be happy for what they have.  But in all honesty, money doesn’t buy happiness or love.  It would be like saying that all poor people are uneducated and unhappy, and that’s just not true.  Krista & Becca do a superb job of making the main characters relatable and draw you in to their story; to feel what they feel. You just can't help but like them.  
The underlying love story between Lily and Lo is epic.  They are childhood friends (best friends) turned lovers.  They are perfect for one another but neither one of them can let go of their addiction.  They are so selfish and both coming from very wealthy families does nothing to help.  Their addictions come first and they are so deep in it that they are helpless against it.  They feel like there’s just no way out and it’s too late to turn back.  They can’t really do what they want to do (instead of what others expect and want them to do) for fear of losing their trust fund…the money that makes it so easy for them to continue feeding their addiction.   But through it all, Lily’s never wanted anyone else but Loren (even though she doesn’t realize it or is afraid to flat out admit it to herself) and Lo…oh, Lo.  He is so in love with Lily it breaks my heart.  Their love for one another is unconditional and it’s what makes me absolutely batshit crazy about this series.  I don’t want to give any more of the story away.  You just have to read the books to find out exactly what happens.   

In the midst of all the gloom and darkness, Krista & Becca manage to add some off-the-wall humor in it.  I mean, I literally would laugh out loud that if I were in a public place, people would give me funny looks and would probably think I’m nuts.  There is great dialogue between the characters and it doesn’t seem forced or unnatural.  I feel like I’m actually in a room having a conversation with them. 

Then, there are the supporting characters: Rose, Connor, Ryke, and Daisy.  They are so involved in the story that I could hardly call them background noise.  Again, the dialogue is superb.  I love all the funny moments between the 6 of them and the banter between the guys.  After reading Ricochet and Addicted for Now, I want to know more about Rose, Connor, Daisy and Ryke!  Thank God, Krista & Becca are doing a spinoff for each pair!  Trust me, you will need and would want to read them too!  

The Addicted series is a great story well told.  If you haven't read it yet, you are most definitely missing out!

❤ ❤ Jenn ❤ ❤ ❤
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