Wednesday, April 30, 2014

✒︎ Interview + Signed Paperback Giveaway! ✒︎

Check out this interview with Krista & Becca on Book Reader Chronicles where the girls answer some pretty awesome questions!

Plus!  Here's another chance for you to win a signed paperback of the Calloway Sisters set: Kiss the Sky and Hothouse Flower!  What's more, it's open internationally!!!


★★ UPDATE: Calloway Sisters Series ★★

The links are up!  Be sure to add the new books to your list on Goodreads!

Fuel the Fire

Long Way Down

Doing the happy dance!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

® ☮ ♕ ♔ Dreams Do Come True! ♔ ♕ ☮ ®

What's that you say? You want more Coballoway and Raisy? Well, do we have some good news for you!!! Krista & Becca have decided to EXTEND the Calloway Sisters series.

Yep, that's right! Go ahead and pinch yourself, I promise you're not dreaming :D  *screams*  I'm so happy I could die right now!


Fuel the Fire (Calloway Sisters #3) is Rose & Connor's book and the tentative release date is Fall 2014.

Long Way Down (Calloway Sisters #4) is Ryke & Daisy's book and will be straddling the 2014 / 2015 line (it all depends on how quickly the twins can get to it after Fuel the Fire).

You can read more about their BIG ANNOUNCEMENT on their blog.  The books aren't up in Goodreads yet, but I'll have the links up for them here as soon as they've been added to the series on GR.

And here, I was starting to get super emotional that the series is nearing it's end with Addicted After All.  This news is almost overwhelming for me.  Gah!!!

Next, we will see the new covers for the Addicted series (Addicted to You, Ricochet, Addicted for Now, Thrive, and Addicted After All).  Krista & Becca will be revealing the new covers in May.  Since Thrive isn't going to be released until June 27th, the cover that you see on Thrive now will be changing.

Then soon, they'll be sharing the news about the new series, Like Us, that's due to come out in 2015.  I can't wait for them to share what that's all about!!!

There's just no way I'm ever forgetting this series

Saturday, April 26, 2014


Woot woot!!!!  Mark your calendar!  2 months from now, we will be reunited with the most epic couple: Lil and Lo!  Thrive will be released on Friday, June 27, 2014!  Let the countdown begin!!!  Can I get a hell yeah!?

Yes, June 27th is not exactly "Spring" so, Krista & Becca give an explanation for this date on their blog.

♥︎ Thrive is a full-length novel that spans the 2 year gap between Addicted for Now and Addicted After All. It also takes place during the time of spin-offs Kiss the Sky & Hothouse Flower (Addicted Series Timeline) ♥︎

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Saturday, April 19, 2014

UPDATE: New Addicted Store and VOTE NOW! Series Prequel/Sequel

One of the most incredible things about Krista & Becca Ritchie is how much they interact with their fans.  They truly listen to our thoughts and try to give us what we want.  And right now, they are asking for your thoughts and feedback about the Addicted series and where you would like it to go from here.

Here's your chance to voice your opinion!!  Can't get enough of LiLo, Raisy, and Coballoway??  Vote in their poll to continue the series and write more books!  Love it just the way it is and think it's pretty flippin' awesome as it stands with seven books, including the Calloway Sisters series spin-off?  Let them know!  Go to Krista & Becca's blog and vote your choice!

A Prequel & Calloway Sisters 3 & 4: [FAN POLL] Do you want more?

Krista & Becca have also just created a brand spankin' new Addicted Store on Zazzle!!!  Be sure to check it out and get some Addicted swag and gear!!

The Addicted Store

Thursday, April 17, 2014


There is an Addicted series Character Takeover happening on Fizz LifeAddicted Series Gang Answer Your Tumblr Questions All Day!

You can go to Fizz Life to see their answers, or you can scroll down below.  Fair warning, this is going to be one REALLY LONG post!  Tons of questions asked!

WARNING from Krista & Becca: There will be spoilers in some of the questions. If you have not read Hothouse Flower, you should tread lightly. The answers will be tagged with a SPOILER WARNING, but again, the questions may contain huge spoilers. BEWARE!

And enjoy!

For every single Q&A, the link to the posts have been inserted below.

First Question is for Daisy & Ryke

Anon asked: Ryke and Daisy where do you see your relationship in five years?

Second Question is for Ryke

Anon asked: Ryke now that you completed your goal of climbing the mountain you wanted (forgot name), what do you see yourself doing now?

Third Question is for Connor

lorenstacos asked: Connor: Do you own any shorts?

Fourth Question is for Lo

Anon asked: Lo, if you were stranded on an island with Rose and could only bring one item, what would it be?

Fifth Question is for Lil & Lo

Anon asked: LILO - have you ever been or thought about going to Dragon Con in Atlanta. If you have been what did you think. If you haven't do you think you might?

Sixth Question is for Ryke

Anon asked: Ryke, I have to know...what in the world was going through your head the moment you hung up the phone with Daisy till that epic moment in the stairwell???

Seventh Question is for Lily

Anon asked: Lily what do you plan on doing now that you graduated?

Eighth Question is for Lo

Anon asked: Lo how's the business going with the comic books?

Ninth Question is for Rose

Anon asked: Rose, after knowing Sebastian for so long, what was going through your mind the day that you found out that he's been playing you all along? What made you choose Connor over Sebastian?

Tenth Question is for Connor

Anon asked: Connor, it still bothers me to no end that Scott got away with that crap he pulled on you and Rose. Are you seriously just going to let it go? Or are you waiting for karma? I can't imagine that you believe in seem too sensible for that. Please tell me you're still trying to find a way to make sure he gets what he deserves?

Eleventh Question is for Lo

Anon asked: Lo, first off, I love you I love you I LOVE YOU! Please stop being such an asshat to your brother and everyone else who truly cares for you. I wish I could give you a big hug and put all your pieces back together, but that's what Lily's for :) So...if you were given the chance, what happy moment in time would you go back to and experience all over again and why?

Twelfth Question is for the Group, about Jonathan Hale

Anon asked: Does anybody think that Jonathan Hale will settle down anytime soon and have a stable relationship?

Thirteenth Question is for Connor

Anon asked: Hellooo! My questions for Connor. When did you know that Rose was 'the one?'

Fourteenth Question is for Ryke

Anon asked: Ryke, with all your friends starting their families, do you want to start one with Daisy?

Fifteenth Question is for Connor

Anon asked: Connor: how excited are you to be having a baby? Are you hoping it'll be a boy or a girl?

Sixteenth Question is for Ryke

Anon asked: Ryke: you planning on popping the big question soon? ;)

Seventeenth Question is for Lo

Anon asked: Lo, will you ever be okay with Daisy and Ryke? Please do! I hate tension :(

Eighteenth Question is for Lil & Lo

smoakingstarks asked: lily/lo, what marvel movies are you most excited for and what are your favourites so far from the recent releases?

Nineteenth Question is for Ryke

Anon asked: Ryke tell us what you whispered to Daisy!!

Twentieth Question is for Daisy

Anon asked: daisy! would you consider going back to modeling? YOU'RE TOO GORGEOUS TO NOT BE A MODEL

21st Question is for the Group - Favorite Sex Position

Anon asked: Favorite sex positition ? ;)

22nd Question is for Daisy

daisycalloway asked: Hi Daisy, have you met Ryke's mom? If .... so how did it go?

Question #23 is for Ryke & Daisy

Anon asked: Ryke and Daisy, if you could choose jobs for each other, what jobs would they be and why?

Question #24 is for the Group

Anon asked: A question for everyone: In the promotions for the reality show, a word was given to describe each of you. What one word would you use to describe each other?

Question #25 is for Lil & Lo

Anon asked: Lil and Lo, you are my OTP!!!!!! I wish I could have pocket sized Lil and Lo to take with me wherever I go to remind me what true love looks like when I've lost hope for all humanity (which happens often). So when is the wedding? Are you planning to have a theme for your wedding?

Question #26 is for Lo

an-angel-that-has-no-place asked: Lo when did first know that Lily was "it" for you?

Question #27 is for Rose & Connor and Lil & Lo

igasia asked: Rose, Connor, Lilly and Loren - what are you wanting in a baby name? Would you go crazy with spelling or keep traditional?

Question #28 is for Daisy

lorenstacos asked: Daisy: If your apartment was burning down, what would be the first thing you take with you?

Question #29 is for Daisy

Anon asked: Daisy, any definitive plans for the future yet regarding a career or school?

Question #30 is for Connor

Anon asked: Connor: Michelle Obama, Beyoncé and Daisy. Fuck , Marry, Kill? Sorry, Rose.

Question #31 is for Lily and Ryke

lianne1292 asked: Lily and Ryke, I love the friendship between you too! What aspects do you both admire in each other? (P.S I'm a total Raisy shipper!)

Question #32 is for Daisy

Anon asked: Daisy, any interest in Ryke teaching you to rock climb? Possibly even solo climb?

Question #33 is for Lily, Daisy, Lo, and Ryke

Anon asked: Connor and Rose often play the game fuck, marry, kill. Lily and Daisy: with Connor, Ryke and Lo as choices, who would you fuck, marry, and kill? Lo and Ryke: with Lily, Daisy and Rose as choices, who would you fuck, marry and kill?

Question #34 is for Connor

Anon asked: Conner, if you could meet any one person alive or dead. Who would you meet, and what would you ask them?

Question #35 is for Rose

Anon asked: Rose, if Ryke was dying and the only way to safe him is to admit that Connor is smarter than you, what would you do?

Question #36 is for Rose & Connor

Anon asked: for rose & connor: i will forever ship you guys even though ya'll are married already is it ronnor? or cose?

Question #37 is for Connor

Anon asked: connor: i love you. do you have a brother perhaps?

Question #38 is for Rose and Lily

Anon asked: Rose & Lily, how differently are each of the nurseries decorated? Could you list three specific decorative items you've selected for yours to give me a feel for the rooms' personalities? Thanks.

Question #39 is for Lil & Lo

Anon asked: Since hothouse flower is set 6 months ahead of Daisy's birthday which is in feb, hasn't x - men dofp come out already in the addicted world? Go get watching Lilo!

Question #40 is for Ryke

Anon asked: Ryke, have you attended a Sunday luncheon yet as Daisy's boyfriend? If so, what did you think of it? I ship Daisy and Ryke so much, definitely my OTP! :)

Question #41 is for Rose

Anon asked: Rose, how is Calloway Couture doing?

Question #42 is for the Group

Anon asked: Who's the best cook out of the group?

Question #43 wasn't directed towards anyone in particular, but Connor answered :)

smoakingstarks asked: how do youse keep your hair so lush?

Question #44 is for Lily

smoakingstarks asked: hi lily! you're so cute! can i hug you?

Question #45 is for Lo

lorenstacos asked: Loren: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Question #46 is for Daisy

Anon asked: Daisy is your hair still in that rainbow color or did you do something else to it, and if not do you plan on doing something else to it?

Question #47 is for Lo

Anon asked: Lo how do you feel now knowing that you and Lily are going to have a baby? And do you have any names in mind for both sex?

Question #48 is for Ryke

Anon asked: Ryke, if you don't want to have kids till even more than 5 years from now, you'll be over 30. Do you feel like you'll be too old? Do you ever feel insecure dating someone 7 years younger then you? Daisy do you feel insecure dating someone older than you?

Question #49 is for Rose

absurdandobscene asked: My question is for the creator of the fabulous Calloway Couture. Rose, what's your favorite fashion statement piece. P.S. Coballoway all the way <3

Question #50 is for Rose

Anon asked: hi rose! i love & adore you so much <3 (btw, dont comment Loren)

Question #51 is for Lily

Anon asked: Lily getting any better at her French? Any idea what Connor just whispered to Rose?

Question #52 is for Rose & Connor

Anon asked: For Rose and Connor: Now that you guys are having child, What do you want the most a boy or a girl?

Question #53 is for Lily

Anon asked: Lily, what is Lo's best feature?

Question #54 is for Rose

Anon asked: rose, how often did you work out? or do work out?

Question #55 is for the Group

nmichaelsauthor asked: Hey to everyone! I am totally enamored with you all! My 1st question is to Connor. Can I clone you? I love love love your scenes and dialogs. If cloning is not possible, would you consider having another wife? LOL. Ryke and Lo, you need to hug it out. You can't change the past, but you do control your future. Hug. It. Out. Calloway sisters, I would love to hang out with you. You're cool people. Yes, even Rose. I love your wit... can we be sister-wives? lol

Question #56 is for the Group

Anon asked: What are your greatest pet peeves

That's it for today!

Krista & Becca: Thanks for all of the questions! That's a wrap...for now!


WELL, THAT WAS FUN!!!!  We should definitely do this again!!