Saturday, April 19, 2014

UPDATE: New Addicted Store and VOTE NOW! Series Prequel/Sequel

One of the most incredible things about Krista & Becca Ritchie is how much they interact with their fans.  They truly listen to our thoughts and try to give us what we want.  And right now, they are asking for your thoughts and feedback about the Addicted series and where you would like it to go from here.

Here's your chance to voice your opinion!!  Can't get enough of LiLo, Raisy, and Coballoway??  Vote in their poll to continue the series and write more books!  Love it just the way it is and think it's pretty flippin' awesome as it stands with seven books, including the Calloway Sisters series spin-off?  Let them know!  Go to Krista & Becca's blog and vote your choice!

A Prequel & Calloway Sisters 3 & 4: [FAN POLL] Do you want more?

Krista & Becca have also just created a brand spankin' new Addicted Store on Zazzle!!!  Be sure to check it out and get some Addicted swag and gear!!

The Addicted Store

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