Monday, June 30, 2014

❤︎ 17 Days Until THRIVE + New Teaser! ❤︎

Yep!  You read that correctly!  Here is the 4th official Thrive teaser from Krista & Becca!  More Celebrity Crush juicy gossip!

Oh, and if you haven't been by Krista & Becca's tumblr page or Pinterest, you might want to drop on by and pay them a visit.  There's been a lot of Q&As on Fizz Life and some interesting pins on Pinterest!!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

❤︎ 18 Days Until THRIVE ❤︎

If you don't already know, Krista & Becca will be at some author signings this year!  The schedule is below, which can also be found on their web at:

**Signing Events** 
August 23rd, 2014: Atlanta Author Occasion - Atlanta, GA
October 4th, 2014: Authors in the OC - Anaheim, CA
November 15th, 2014: Houston BookRave - Houston, TX
May 1st-2nd, 2015: Hard Rock Author Event - Tulsa, OK
August 8th, 2015: Golden Gate Author Event - San Francisco, CA

Oh, and in case you need more reason to come to one of these signings, here is a little incentive:

Saturday, June 28, 2014

❤︎ 19 Days Until THRIVE + NA Crush Tourney Update ❤︎

I can't believe there are only 19 days left till we can finally get more LiLo!!!  It's going to be so awesome, I just know it!

Here's a little Thrive teaser from Krista & Becca!!

Quick update on the results from the NA Crush Tourney, Round 1.  LOREN WON!!!  He's on to the next round, going up against Ridge (Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover) either on July 8th or July 10th.  Thanks SO much to all who voted!!  Lo would not have made it without you!!

Again, a ginormous THANK YOU!

In case you want to see the match bracket, here it is.

Friday, June 27, 2014

❤︎ 20 Days Until THRIVE + NA Crush Tourney Craziness ❤︎

Ok, before we jump into the nitty gritty that is yesterday's match, let's take a moment to swoon over this little poster for Lily and Lo's upcoming book, Thrive.

Ok.  Now.  About yesterday (well, actually, just a few minutes ago from this post).  Holy smokes!  If you haven't been paying much attention to the NA Crush Tourney, yesterday's match with Loren and Dane was pretty intense!  I mean, talk about a close competition!  These two were definitely battling it out to the finish and Loren was sure holding his own!  How very unlike Lo, and I must say, I am very impressed with his super dedicated fans!!!  You guys are the ABSOLUTE BEST FANS EVERRRRRRRR!!!  Lo and Dane were 50/50 for most of the day and I swear I was sweating bullets trying to get everyone to vote!  The polls were still open past midnight and when I checked at about 12:26 AM EST, the result showed 51/49 in favor of Lo.

I'm not sure exactly what will happen at this point.  I guess we wait and find out the actual results when NA Alley posts them.  Whatever the outcome may be, YOU GUYS ARE TRULY AWESOME and I couldn't ask to be with a better group of avid fans!!

In case you missed it, there were a couple of videos circulating yesterday and the day before that have recently materialized on YouTube.  One is the very first ever book trailer for Addicted to You, and the other is a longer video trying to showcase Lo for the NA Crush Tourney.

I've embedded both videos below and you can also find them on the right hand side of the blog if you decide to come back later and watch them again.



Thursday, June 26, 2014

NA Crush Tourney 2014: Vote for Loren Hale!

Hello readers!  My name is Jenn and I am an addict.  I run this Addicted Series Fan Page blog and my story revolves around my ultimate crush, Loren Hale, from the Addicted series (Addicted to You, Ricochet, and Addicted for Now) by Krista & Becca Ritchie.

In case you haven't read any of these books and are interested in what the series is about, here are the links to Goodreads:

Addicted to You
Addicted for Now
Thrive (Coming July 18th)
Addicted After All (Coming Fall 2014)

If you haven't met Loren Hale yet, you are definitely missing out on some vicious hotness!  Loren (or Lo, as he prefers to be called) is the epitome of a book boyfriend.  He's affectionate, funny (who doesn't love a man who can make her laugh?), caring, lovable, loyal, and gorgeous (think Calvin Klein underwear model gorgeous!).
 "On an attractiveness scale, he ranges right between a lead singer from a rock band you'd like to fuck and a runway model for Burberry and Calvin Klein."
"I sweep his features. Light brown hair, short on either side, full on top.  Decently toned body hidden beneath a pair of faded Dockers and a black crew-neck tee.  Cheekbones that cut like ice and eyes like liquid scotch.  Loren Hale is an alcoholic beverage and he doesn't even know it.  All six-foot-two of him fills the doorway."
And wow, do I ever want to get drunk off of him!  He's completely dedicated to the people he loves and he's got the patience of a monk!  He waited six long years for the love of his life, never once taking advantage of her and her sex addiction, all the while perfecting his skills so that he can please her and fulfill her every need.  Oh, and did I mention he loves his woman unconditionally?  Yep.  His undying love is what has me so captivated and enthralled! 
"I love all of you"
"I'll always be yours.  No distance or time apart will change that, Lily.  You need to believe that."
"I'd rather be there than here.  I'd rather be holding her in my arms, even if I have to tell her no by the end of it.  She's the only good thing in my life."
"If the whole world says living without each other is what we should do, then this will be the last wrong I make."
 "Lily turns to face me, and I am lost for a minute in her eyes.  I suddenly realize that I'm scared of everything.  Of losing the only girl I've ever loved."

Plus, he's got skills that can satisfy a sex addict.
"I glance at Lo. The way he watches me with rapt attention sets my whole body aflame.  I just want him on me.  In me.  Dear God.  'More,' I tell him."
"His closeness still makes my heart flutter like I've never been touched by him before."
"He's filling my every single need.  He's taking care of me.  Only Lo can satisfy every part of my all-consuming soul.  He is truly my everything."
"'Just so you know,' he whispers, 'I'd love nothing more than to fill you again.  I'd do it a million times a day if I could.'"
"And then he thrusts and holds inside of me.  I buck and cry and claw at his back.  My whole body pulsing, my heart thrumming--I am his."
"He pumps, and his amber eyes stay on mine, driving in and out.  In and out.  Deeper and deeper.  I am lost to his scotch-colored irises.  To the way he stares into me.  No one has ever looked at me like this.
      Everything bursts.
      I'm flying into the most blissfull feeling in the world.
      I never want to come down."
Christ almighty!  Is it hot in here or is it just me?  *fans self*  If he's enough to fully satisfy a sex addict...goodness me!  Only one thought comes to mind...

*ahem* another round of Loren Hale, please?  It's on me.

Oh, Lo, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.  A 20 year old college student at University of Pennsylvania, heir to massive fortune, deep, and emotional.  Bad boy in a sense that he's been living a lie, pretending to be in a relationship for 3 years with his childhood best friend, and hiding his alcohol addiction from his family.  But he's also quite possibly the hottest geek you've ever met!  
"I cannot stop staring.  His abs are ripped.  Six-pack definition.  He was muscular before, but they were not sharp like that.  His lean muscles curve and even have that sexy dip by his waist, as though leading my way to his cock."
Good Lord, have mercy!

He loves comics, goes to Comic Con and even dresses up as his favorite X-Men mutant, Hellion.  He’s not so perfect that he seems fake. He is as real as they get! He's such a deeply flawed character who will go to the ends of the earth for his girl.  He even makes the most difficult decision to better himself for the woman he loves.  
"I love you, but I want to love you enough that I never choose alcohol over you.  Not even for a moment.  I want to be someone you deserve.  Who helps you rather than enables you, and I can't begin to do that until I get help for myself."
His striking good looks is sure to catch your eye, and when you meet him, you will think he's the biggest asshole you've ever met.  He's sarcastic and his mouth tends to get him in trouble.  But get to know him better and he will surely steal your heart!!
"Our I love yous encompass years of heartache, of hurt, of laughter and pain.  And every time we say the words, I feel the rush of our childhood.  I couldn't imagine ever losing that."

Addicted Series Fan Page


Sunday, June 22, 2014


In less than 4 weeks, we can all get lost in Lily + Lo's story once again!  I'm so ready to get Lil + Lo's POV on the events that took place in Kiss the Sky and Hothouse Flower!

Now, in case you haven't heard, NA Alley just released the Advocates and Match Schedule information for the #NACrushTourney14!  They just made some updates to the schedule due to some error with the first bracket and matches.  The revised date for Loren's match is below.

Looks like Loren is Match #6, Round 1, on JUNE 26TH!  He is going up against Dane from Emerge by S.E. Hall. VOTING is on THURSDAY, JUNE 26th, so make sure your voting fingers are ready!!!

Get the full schedule of the tourney here.

Here are some posters for you to share and use however you please!

Here's a poster ALL ABOUT LO by +Ate Lanie

And here's an awesome banner by Jennifer Ngo!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Outtake from Hothouse Flower + NA Tourney 2014 + GIVEAWAY!

Hello addicts and potential addicts! Guess what?! You are looking at the advocate for Loren Hale in the NA Crush Tourney 2014! Woot woot!!!!

I'm so excited and honored! I will do my best for our main man but I will need your help if we're going to win this tournament!

NA Alley hasn't released the dates or the matches yet, but I am keeping my eyes peeled! Once I have the information I'll spread it like wildfire.

In other news, Krista & Becca have released an outtake from Hothouse Flower in Ryke's POV!

Now for some fun! With all the excitement over Lo being nominated in the NA Crush Tourney 2014 and the Thrive countdown, we've missed one very important date!

Happy First Bookversary Krista & Becca! June 13th marked the one year anniversary of when Addicted to You was first published!

edit by +Ate Lanie 

To help celebrate this important milestone, we are giving away some Addicted swag!  The prize may include stickers, tote bag, keychain, magnet, a combination or all of the above!  Open internationally.  Enter the giveaway below!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

∙・⌢⌣ ❤︎ 30 DAYS UNTIL THRIVE + NEW TEASER ❤︎ ⌣⌢・∙

The countdown continues!  Only 30 days from today, we will finally have Thrive in our hands and get our long awaited Lil + Lo fix!!

READ ON for the third official THRIVE TEASER from Krista & Becca!

In case you missed it, there are currently 2 giveaways happening right now!  Be sure to click on the links or images below to enter!

And here's a special countdown edit by +Ate Lanie 

Sunday, June 15, 2014


I've been disconnected from the world this weekend.  I was away camping with the family and remained unplugged the entire time. 

In case you missed it, like I did, Krista & Becca have decided that they've been pretty lax when it comes to Giveaways.  To remedy that, they are now having Free Stuff Friday every week starting with a free paperback copy of Addicted to You (2014 edition with the new cover shown below)!

This giveaway is open internationally and you have 3 days left, so head over to their blog to enter! 

Free Stuff Friday

Now, for the coolest of all cool teasers!  Read on for the latest and greatest Thrive teaser poster by the fabulous duo!  Celebrity Crush dishes about Lily's 21st Birthday!

To read more about it, click here to go to Krista & Becca's blog!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

∙・❤︎ Loren Hale Nominated in the NA Crush Tourney 2014! ❤︎・∙


I have some pretty exciting news to share! LOREN HALE made it in the NA Crush Tourney 2014!!! Hell. Yes!
Lo couldn't believe the news himself
A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to all of his adoring fans out there who took the time to nominate him!!!  YOU GUYS ARE FRIGGIN AMAZIBLE!!!

But we can't let our guard down yet!  The tourney has only just begun and now we have to really put in the effort to go out vote for our favorite!!!  We need your help!

Make sure you follow NA Alley's blog and on Twitter to stay up-to-date!  You can also swing by this Fan Page since I will be keeping tabs on this #NACrushTourney14.

Here is Krista & Becca's announcement on Facebook:

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

FUN FACT: Couple Origins

I just LOVE fun facts!  Here is a new post on Krista & Becca's blog explaining how the couples started. 

So, there are 37 more days till Thrive.  In seven days, starting on day 30, I will restart the countdown once again.  For now, here are some posters for you, courtesy of +Ate Lanie

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Addicted & Calloway Sisters Series Giveaway by Lex Martin!

Hi All!  The lovely Lex Martin, author of Dearest Clementine, is having a fantabulous giveaway pimping out her favorite authors which (of course) include Krista & Becca Ritchie!

This weekend only, she will randomly pick a winner to receive an e-book.  Enter now for your chance to win any book of your choice in the Addicted or Calloway Sisters series!

Oh, and if you haven't yet, be sure you check out Lex's books!

There are 39 days left until Thrive.  Here are some hot edits for you to enjoy, by +Ate Lanie

Thursday, June 5, 2014

∙・⌢⌣ ❤︎ 42 DAYS UNTIL THRIVE ❤︎ ⌣⌢・∙

I KNOW, I're probably wondering if I've suddenly lost the ability to count (or maybe even perhaps, lost my mind); BUT, that countdown is correct.  We have gone back to 42 days until Thrive is released.

Unfortunately, I am the bearer of bad news and I've just found out that Krista & Becca have pushed Thrive's release date back to July 18th.  They're run into some problems and couldn't release it as originally scheduled on June 27th.  Well, we certainly wouldn't want them to release the book if they're not comfortable with it.  And let's face it, their books are worth the wait and perfection just takes time  :)

Now, for some good news!  In order to make it up to the readers, Krista & Becca have given us a special treat!  BONUS MATERIAL from Thrive that will not appear in its published version!!!

Yes, that's right: BONUS MATERIAL!  It's a deleted scene from Thrive of Daisy's 17th birthday in Lily's POV (and it's SUPER FUNNY!!)   Head on over to Krista & Becca's blog to read all about it!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

❤ 23 Days Until THRIVE ❤

Don't forget to enter in Krista & Becca's awesome Giveaway!  Win an Addicted series signed set of the available New Editions plus signed copies of the Calloway Sisters spin-offs. That's 5 books total: Addicted to You, Ricochet, Addicted for Now, Kiss the Sky, Hothouse Flower

PLUS! A $15 Amazon Gift Card. Click on the image below or go to Krista & Becca's Facebook Page and enter for your chance to win!!  


Monday, June 2, 2014

❤ 24 Days Until THRIVE ❤

So, I have some good news and some bad news.

Bad news first: while Krista & Becca were updating their website, they inadvertently deleted the blog tab.  So, everything that they have in their blog disappeared.  Adding salt to the wound, the Weebly techs couldn't recover their blog from their server.

Good news: Krista keeps her cached files and was able to pull up years of stored data!  So they've reposted a lot of their old stuff and the new.  If you have any old links to their blog posts, you might want to double check them and update.  I've updated the link to their big Giveaway in the Giveaway tab to the left.

Read more about this "blogger apocalypse" at their website.

*Note to self: backup my blog daily!*

Sunday, June 1, 2014

❤ 25 Days Until THRIVE ❤

I think I'm going to start my re-read of the Calloway Sisters series today.  I want to read them again before Thrive comes out.  Here's a countdown poster by +Ate Lanie

In case you missed it, this Giveaway is still going on!  Enter now for a chance to win a signed paperback set of the Addicted and Calloway Sisters series (Addicted to You, Ricochet, Addicted for Now, Kiss the Sky, and Hothouse Flower!  PLUS a $15 Amazon Gift Card!!!