Sunday, June 15, 2014


I've been disconnected from the world this weekend.  I was away camping with the family and remained unplugged the entire time. 

In case you missed it, like I did, Krista & Becca have decided that they've been pretty lax when it comes to Giveaways.  To remedy that, they are now having Free Stuff Friday every week starting with a free paperback copy of Addicted to You (2014 edition with the new cover shown below)!

This giveaway is open internationally and you have 3 days left, so head over to their blog to enter! 

Free Stuff Friday

Now, for the coolest of all cool teasers!  Read on for the latest and greatest Thrive teaser poster by the fabulous duo!  Celebrity Crush dishes about Lily's 21st Birthday!

To read more about it, click here to go to Krista & Becca's blog!

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