Thursday, June 5, 2014

∙・⌢⌣ ❤︎ 42 DAYS UNTIL THRIVE ❤︎ ⌣⌢・∙

I KNOW, I're probably wondering if I've suddenly lost the ability to count (or maybe even perhaps, lost my mind); BUT, that countdown is correct.  We have gone back to 42 days until Thrive is released.

Unfortunately, I am the bearer of bad news and I've just found out that Krista & Becca have pushed Thrive's release date back to July 18th.  They're run into some problems and couldn't release it as originally scheduled on June 27th.  Well, we certainly wouldn't want them to release the book if they're not comfortable with it.  And let's face it, their books are worth the wait and perfection just takes time  :)

Now, for some good news!  In order to make it up to the readers, Krista & Becca have given us a special treat!  BONUS MATERIAL from Thrive that will not appear in its published version!!!

Yes, that's right: BONUS MATERIAL!  It's a deleted scene from Thrive of Daisy's 17th birthday in Lily's POV (and it's SUPER FUNNY!!)   Head on over to Krista & Becca's blog to read all about it!!

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