Monday, January 26, 2015


Updates, updates, updates!!!!  Lots of new things!  And if you haven't visited Krista & Becca's tumblr, Fizz Life, there are tons of questions that have been asked and answered.  TONS!  So, if you have some free time, make sure you stop by there for a visit and catch up.

First off, Krista & Becca now have a weekly newsletter!  Yay!  Here's the link if you'd like to sign up!
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Sue from YA Hollywood is hosting an Addicted After All One Week Challenge!  Are you up for it?  The challenge kicks off on February 9th and goes through February 15th.  Click on the link above or on the picture below for all the details.

Addicted After All One Week Challenge

Here are some important news...

You can now order the following Addicted Series books on Audible:

A2Y on Audible Ricochet on Audible A4N on Audible

And these are available for pre-order on Audible:

Pre-Order Thrive on Audible Pre-Order Addicted After All on Audible Pre-Order Kiss the Sky on Audible Pre-Order Hothouse Flower on Audible

Also, the Addicted series is now available on iBooks! If you're an iBook user, you can now purchase all of the books in the Addicted series through Apple.

A2Y iBook Ricochet iBook A4N iBook Thrive iBook

AAA iBook KTS iBook HF iBook


Tickets are now available for sale for the following author events!  Come meet Krista & Becca in person!

May 1st-2nd, 2015: Hard Rock Author Event - Tulsa, OK
August 8th, 2015: Golden Gate Author Event - San Francisco, CA
September 12th, 2015: Black & Gold Author Event - Pittsburgh, PA
October 3rd, 2015: Sassy in Savannah Author Event - Savannah, GA

And that's it for now! Fizzle out!

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