Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Now that all the excitement of the New Year has died down...somewhat...I have some news and it's something that will require your help and input.

Since Krista & Becca would most likely be super busy working on Kiss the Sky (with their plan to send the ARCs out on January 17th, and the release date coming up soon on January 24th), they probably won't have time to do a Blog Tour.  So, they've agreed to a small interview (just a small Q&A session) before the release of Kiss the Sky.  Here's the part where I need your help and input:

I am putting together the questions for this interview and reaching out to all of you, giving you a chance to be able to send any questions you may have for Krista & Becca.  We are going to be limiting this to about 10-20 questions, so depending on the number of questions we actually receive, not all questions submitted will make the cut.

There are 2 ways you can submit your questions: 1) Comment below, or 2) use the Contact Form on the left side of the screen.  All questions submitted will be considered. 

You have until January 7 to submit your questions. 

Now, for your reading pleasure, here are the 3 teaser excerpts that the authors have released so far:


  1. it is pretty clear that Connor is good for Rose. She has let him into her life but we will see more of why Connor needs Rose? Will his relationship with Rose effect the foundation of his incredible self confidence?? In other words will we see a vulnerable Connor Colbolt?

    1. Ooo! Good one! I'd also like to know the answer to this question. Thanks!! :)