Thursday, March 5, 2015

28 Days Until FUEL THE FIRE

This is so exciting!  More Connor Cobalt in just 28 days!!!

edit by Lanie

So, if you haven't subscribed to Krista & Becca's Newsletter, be sure to do so.  If not, you'll miss out on bonus content like this little Fuel the Fire teaser.

You can also catch bonus material like this by joining Krista & Becca's Fizzle Force group on Facebook!

With less than a month remaining till Fuel the Fire releases, Krista & Becca will be teasing us A LOT.  They will be having an "insanely epic promo tour with excerpts, guest posts, and a mega character day."  Blogger sign-ups will be available in just a couple of weeks!  There will be a short 24-hour window to sign-up, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the notification!!  The tour will begin on March 27th.

28 more days and you ready for more Rose and Connor?

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