Friday, March 27, 2015

6 Days Until FUEL THE FIRE + Promo Tour Starts Today!

Just 6 more days!!!!!!!

Let's take a moment to just stare at this very cool edit by Jae, shall we?

I can't think of anything more fun (other than re-reading the Addicted & Calloway Sisters Series, of course) than following Krista & Becca's epic promo tours prior to book releases.  As Connor would say, "get ready, darling. This may spin your head."  FUEL THE FIRE PROMO TOUR starts today!!!  Go to Krista & Becca's blog to see the full schedule.  I've put today's tour stops below.  Links will be updated as the posts go up.

Friday, March 27th
Bookish MusingsRose Calloway’s Guide to Being Fabulous
Maine Book Momma –  5 Real Life K&B Moments Incorporated into the Addicted Series
Owl Always Be ReadingThe Addicted Couples and Disney Couples
Aisha Reads BooksFuel the Fire Playlist
Prisoners of PrintText Message Convo: Connor to Rose
Mommy Reads What?!Text Message Convo: Rose to Ryke
Way Too Hot BooksLoren Hale's Favorite Things
Booklovers For LifeAuthor Interview
Nick’s Book Blog – Author Interview
KB RitchieTeaser Poster #1

Now off you go!

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