Thursday, July 16, 2015

Amour Amour, Infini, Connor on Twitter, Whatever It Takes in Hungarian, and More!

I know this blog is mainly to fangirl about the Addicted series and post updates about what's happening in the Addicted world, but I also like to spread the word about Krista & Becca Ritchie's other works of wonder.

I've talked about their standalone novel, Amour Amour, and you can read my review here.  I re-read it again recently and it still blows me away.  Thora's story is so inspirational and Krista & Becca have managed to pull me in to another realistic world where I can picture myself being friends with the characters.  Even the secondary characters are awesome and make you want to get to know more about them!  Which brings me to my next topic.  Amour Amour is going to have a companion novel!  Nope, it's not a sequel.  It's another standalone novel but set in the same Vegas, acrobatic world and tells the story of Luka Kotova from Amour Amour.  The title of this companion novel is Infini.

**Peep this super gorgeous cover!!!***

After having re-read Amour Amour, I'm even more excited to read Infini which sounds like a story of best friends turned lovers!!  One of my favorite tropes!!!  The release date is still to be announced but it will definitely release after Long Way Down.

Another of Krista & Becca's work of wonder is Whatever It Takes.  This isn't a novel (not yet, anyway.  Still keeping my fingers crossed for that to happen!); it's actually a web series.  This web series follows Willow and Garrison, who are secondary characters from the Addicted series.  Krista & Becca will be releasing chapters at a time on their website and you can catch up by clicking on this link or the image below.
Also, big huge thanks to Zephyrine for translating, you can now read the Hungarian version by visiting Hidden World Magazin!!  Chapter One and Chapter Two are now available in Hungarian for your reading pleasure!
Oooo! And I want to share this post with you!  It's so awesome I could cry!!  Kaina from These Flying Pages YA Book Review Blog has created a fantastic top 10 list of reasons why you need to read the Addicted series.  THANKS SO MUCH KAINA!  You've said some things that even I have a difficult time expressing and putting into words!  I am seriously fangirling over your fangirling!!

Okay!  So last Friday, we had another epic Twitter party!  And guess who decided to grace us with his presence?  None other than Connor (the King) Cobalt!  Yes, he is finally alive on Twitter all you die hard Coballoway fans!!  His username isn't the official one from the books (sadly, that username is still taken), but it's definitely him through and through!  Go forth and follow him, @_ConnorCobalt!!!  His first tweet is so him and his banter with Rose has me on cloud 9!

Last but not least, here's your last chance to enter Krista & Becca's Second Chance Giveaway!  You could win the entire Addicted series set signed by Krista & Becca.  That's 8 books total!

This is a giveaway you don't want to miss!!  That's all my news for today.  Till next time!

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  1. Thank you so much for the mention Jenn! *hugs* So happy that you enjoyed Amour Amour, I read it recently and adored it <3 In awe in how Krista and Becca can create so many fabulous stories. Also, the Twitter party was so fun, it was my first and Ill definitely do it again :)