Saturday, October 31, 2015


Happy Birthday Loren Hale
this gorgeous graphic by Jae
(The adorkable) Lily's best friend, soul mate, and true love, Lo is celebrating his 25th birthday in the Addicted universe today!  Halloween will always have a special meaning to me since I started this series because it celebrates Lo's birthday.  It also marks an important milestone in the story because in Addicted to You, it's the time that Ryke enters Lo and Lily's life. 

In the past character birthdays this year, we've celebrated by posting bonus material in the Fizzle Force Facebook group and this time will be no different.  So, if you're a member, go forth and read on!  If you're not already a member, we welcome you to join!!  Lo has come a long way from the start of the series and we're all very proud of the man he is today.  To me, he went through the most character growth in the series and I just have so much love for this man!

As always, Krista & Becca are also celebrating Lo's birthday so be sure to check out their blog!
graphic by Krista & Becca Ritchie
I would also like to share with you a fanfic by the magical Amy from Calloway Books blog!  She has actually written several fanfics of the Addicted Series characters so make sure to check out her blog!!  You can read Lo's fanfic here.

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