Monday, November 2, 2015

17 Days Until Long Way Down

It's November!!!  There are so many awesome reads that are releasing this month and we're nearly halfway through with the countdown until Long Way Down will finally be in our e-readers for devouring!

So, today I have a little treat for you all.  Over the past year, I've created some book trailers and other videos for the Addicted Series.  I have a video for Lily + Lo (LiLo) which is a book trailer for Addicted to You, a video for Lo from the time he was nominated for NA Crush Tourney in 2014, a "tv commercial" for Princesses of Philly from Kiss the Sky, a "tv ad" for Rose's Calloway Couture, and a video for Connor Cobalt.  You may have noticed that nowhere in that list is a video of Ryke + Daisy (Raisy) or of Hothouse Flower.  Trust me, it's not that they are my least favorite couple because that is so very far from the truth!  It's that I just couldn't come up with any good ideas or think of where to even start.  And then work kinda got in the way and I just had less and less time blogging or even any free time for myself, really.

Yep.  That's my life.  But I'm not here to talk about work!  Work is boring.

On to more exciting stuff!!!!  With Long Way Down due to be released soon, I decided to start re-reading Hothouse Flower.  After a few pages in, some ideas started forming in my head and all the feels started coming back to me.  Then I just happened to hear a song that truly reminded me of Raisy and it was this song that inspired me to start creating their video using it as the background music.  I was truly elated when I finally finished it and I've been DYING to share it with all of you!!  I very much enjoyed making this video and I hope you all enjoy watching it.  May it bring some of the Raisy memories back from Hothouse Flower and get you all pumped to read Long Way Down!

Hope you enjoy it!  Fizzle out!!

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