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Long Way Down Blog Tour: Guest Post -- What High School Class Would the Addicted Characters Teach?

Hello Fizzle Force!  Hello world!  Today is the first day of the Long Way Down blog tour!  And boy, do Krista & Becca have so many wonderful things in store for you!  Day 1 of the blog tour kicks off with the following stops:

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In the Fizzle Force fandom, we're always so interested in the alternate universe because of the endless possibilities and outcomes.  In this guest post, Krista & Becca fulfill one of those different possibilities by giving us a glimpse of the Addicted characters' life in an alternate universe.  

The Addicted characters are vastly different. In an alternate universe, we’re putting them in high school as teachers. Not all of them have the necessary qualifications to be hired as a teacher—but in this alternate universe they’d all end up with a job. Here’s what class they’d teach and how their students would do.

Lily graduated from Princeton with a degree in Economics. School was a long, hard process for her that never really got any easier. As a sex addict, she’d stay as far away from health class as she could get—not wanting to constantly blush all day. She’d want to teach something non-stressful and fun, so she’d pick Home Economics. She’s not the best cook, so her lessons would be on the simple side, and she’d be all about the sewing of pillows. Pillow week!!

Class: Home Economics
Outcome: It would be a highly sought after class, one that fills up very quickly, since Lily would have a reputation of giving mostly A’s. Plus, it’s Home Ec. And secretly, Lily would be trying to spot the couples in the room, predicting who would get with who by the end of the year. She would probably even try to slyly push them together.

Loren Hale flunked out of college and spent most of prep school in a state of apathy. A part of the reason he passed his classes was because of his social status (his dad pulling strings). So it’s no surprise that Loren Hale as teacher is…well, frightening to think about. The only class he’d feel qualified to teach is health. He knows sex, and he would think he could explain it in a pretty blunt manner, and he’d make sure everyone took the concept of safe sex very, very seriously. 

Class: Health
Outcome: Girls would try to get in his class because he’d be great to stare at. The guys would be highly intimidated by him and Loren would have a reputation of giving lots of detention for not paying attention or screwing off.

Daisy never really loved school, and she didn’t even consider going to college. Her time in prep school was interrupted most months by modeling, so she never loved one subject. Also, the most carefree of the Addicted gang would hate to have to grade anyone on anything. But she’d be drawn to the Drama class. It’s lively and fun and people wouldn’t have to sit in desks all day long.

Class: Drama
Outcome: Since Daisy has supermodel good looks, many guys uninterested in Drama would opt to take it as their elective just to “flirt” with her. She wouldn’t put up with it, and so she’d play favorites with all the girls in the class. Overall, her class would be known for being one of the most fun classes in the school.

He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Journalism degree. He was a well-rounded student in prep school with high grades and medals in Track & Field. There would be a few classes Ryke would be interested in: Italian, Spanish, American Literature, and PE. He would scratch off American Literature because of the required reading for the state, wanting to choose his own books. And he’d scratch off PE because he’d hate the social dynamics he’d have to watch everyday in class.  

Class: Italian & Spanish
Outcome: Most everyone would try to take his class for the “f” bombs that he throws out at random moments. Ryke would get called to the principal a lot and be reprimanded for his cursing. In the end, his students would be too distracted by his swearing, good looks, and frustrated, impatient scowls to learn much of anything. Ryke would be fed up with most of the students and just be glad for the day to end.

Rose loves school. She thrived there. She graduated from Princeton with a degree in Economics and French, and she’s a certified genius. Narrowing down her class would take hours. Her top 3 choices would be British Literature, Home Economics (for the sewing) and French. In the end, she’d choose with her heart and pick British Lit. It’s filled with her favorites: Shakespeare, James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, the Bronte sisters and more.

Class: British Literature
Outcome: Her class would be known for being excruciatingly tough. The only students who would want to get in her class are the ones who already love British Lit. Otherwise, people would hate it. Failing students would be one of Roses specialties. She would take no prisoners.

Connor is also a certified genius. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with degrees in Economics, International Studies, and Political Science. He entered the Addicted series as Lily’s tutor, and his tutoring skills are out-of-this-world. Naturally, he’d be a brilliant choice for Economics or US Government. He’s also a polyglot, fluent in multiple languages including Spanish, Italian, French, and German. His love for literature is endless, and he can solve math equations faster than you can think. But in the end, he’d choose World History. Because Connor values knowledge above most things.

Class: World History
Outcome: It would be known for being difficult, but students would learn a lot in his class and retain most of the information he taught. Connor would have a reputation of being one of the best teachers in the school. The ambitious students would pray to end up in his class because they end up doing amazingly well on AP exams. His students would also feel inspired by to become History majors in college.

I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did!  November 20th will be here before we know it!  Until then, be sure to follow the blog tour for more bonus material.  Speaking of bonus material, stay tuned!  There's also a giveaway at the end of this post!

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Krista & Becca Ritchie are New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors and identical twins—one a science nerd, the other a comic book geek—but with their shared passion for writing, they combined their mental powers as kids and have never stopped telling stories. Now in their early twenties, they write about other twenty-somethings navigating through life, college, and romance. They love superheroes, flawed characters, and soul mate love. Twitter Tumblr Pinterest

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  1. this is so cool!!! Im a teacher and see the gang in this position? Hilarious!!! I would do the Rose Class, for sure!!!!

  2. LOL at Lily secretly rooting for student couples to get together and the gif for Ryke. I would for sure take Daisy and Lo's classes but I'd probablt be super intimidated by Rose and Connor as teachers haha. Great post, Jenn!

  3. love lily's class. and ryke's class is hilarious. i will pick lo's class though coz you know, so i can stare at him all day hahaha just like the other girls in his class. love this post jenn!! <3 <3 - lanie

  4. I think I'd want to be in Connor's class. Lily's class is my second choice because it's easy and I can't get enough of Lily's cuteness. We might form a shipping fandom together. haha. I'll aslo take Rose's for a challenge of not getting an F from her. Ryke cursing in class should be fun to watch. And Lo, *stare stare stare*. And can I be Daisy's favorite girl in class? haha


    Betul E.

  6. I Would love to be on Lily's class, I' m sure it would be fun. Or Lo, or any of the of the other ones. All of them have something that makes them and their class special.

  7. Great post!! I would love to see all of them at parent teacher conferences!

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