Monday, May 26, 2014

❤ 31 Days Until THRIVE ❤

Happy Memorial Day! 

I could not wait to share this poster.  One of my favorite creations by far :D  Every time I look at it, I want to cry and laugh at the same time.  It elicits so many different feelings about my favorite couple of all time.  Lily & Lo's love for one another just goes SO deep ❤


Don't forget that there's a huge Giveaway happening now at Krista & Becca's blog.  For all the current Giveaways related to the Addicted series and the Calloway Sisters series, click on the image below.

 Current Giveaways

So, with the release date of Thrive just around the corner, Krista and Becca have been super busy.  Here's some of what they've been up to, lately (their words, exactly):

What we're working on:
- A cover reveal for Fuel the Fire & Long Way Down, that'll be next week :)
- The final touches on Thrive, that'll be in your hands June 27th.
- Brainstorming on more promo ideas for the Thrive Tour, that'll be about 7 days before the release :) We may kick it off with a Tumblr Character Day!

Did someone say, Character Day???  Ahhhhhhhh!!!!  YES, PLEASE!?

Read more about it here:

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