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Thrive Tour: Character Day on Fizz Life

Fizz Life
Did you miss the Addicted Series Character Day Takeover on Fizz Life, July 16, 2014?  No sweat, my pet!  I've got you covered!  I've compiled all of the Q&As below.  Fair warning: this is going to be a super long post!

For each question, I've included the link back to each post in Tumblr where you can access it.  You can find all this and more by visiting Krista & Becca's Tumblr, Fizz Life.

Without further ado, here is the ENTIRE Q&A Session with the Addicted Gang!

(Introduction from Krista & Becca)

From this point upwards, everything asked and answered will be by the Addicted series gang (Lo, Lily, Ryke, Daisy, Connor, Rose). The Q&A will last until 5 pm EST. They’ll try to answer as many questions as they can, but they’re going to start with the ones they didn’t get to last time.

For anyone who has NOT read the Calloway Sisters spin-off series or is not planning on reading it, leave the Tumblr page! There will be certain events from those series that will spoil Thrive for you, which spans the same timeline. Return when you’ve either read Thrive (July 18th) or you’ve read the Calloway Sisters spin-off series :)

Everyone is at the Villanova house (Lily’s parents) in Philly. They’re all in the living room, and each couple sits on a couch together, Victorian-styled pieces of furniture (quite uncomfortable, and Lily keeps squirming next to Lo). With tablets in hand, they begin to answer your questions…
Anonymous asked: Lo and Lil, you both have sex and f*ck a lot. And we know it's always mind blowing. But will we get details in Thrive on how it was like for both of you to make love for the first time? Screw Johnny and June, I want a love like Lily and Lo!

Lily: *sinks low into the couch* Our first time wasn’t glamourous.

Lo: *puts his arm around her shoulder* It’s not something we want to talk about or even go back to. So no details. No flashbacks.

Lily: *holds up her hands quickly* But! Thank you for the compliments.

Lo: *pulls her closer to him and kisses the top of her head*
Anonymous asked: Daisy and Ryke how has your relationship progressed since Hothouse Flower?

Daisy: It’s horrible *tries hard not to smile*

Ryke: that must’ve been why you screamed my name out last night.

Lo: *grimaces* can you not… *turns to Lily* Just cover my ears, Lil.

Lily: *covers his ears with her hands and her eyes fall to his lips*

Daisy: *to Ryke* I don’t know if I remember that… Must’ve been someone else.

Ryke: *brows rise* I only ever bring one girl into my bed.

Daisy: What is she like?

Ryke: She can be a fucking tease.

Daisy: That must be why I blew—

Ryke: *covers her mouth with his hand and glances at his brother who’s glaring, looks back to Daisy* Nice one, Calloway.
Anonymous asked: Lily, when did you first realize that your feelings for Lo went deeper than friendship? When did you know that you were in love with him?

Lily: *blushes* Uhh… *stammers*

Lo: *watches her with a growing smile* Think hard, love.

Lily: *whispers to him* …was that an innuendo?

Lo: It can be.

Lily: *whispers* now I just can’t stop thinking about you… and you know…*blushes more and her fingers hook into his belt loop*

Lo: *smiles as he stares down at her* Being hard?

Lily: *glances quickly over her shoulder to see who’s watching*

Lo: *wraps his arm around her waist and as soon as she turns her head back, he kisses her deeply*

Anonymous asked: Rose and Conner , know you're both smart but who has the highest IQ?

Rose: *listens intently to the publicist that stands in the doorway of the living room*

Connor: We’re being told that we’re not allowed to answer this.

Anonymous asked: Rose do you plan on doing a line for babies now, that way your kid could wear your clothes?

Rose: Hale Co. has their own line of baby clothes, so if I even considered it, I’d be Jonathan Hale’s competitor. That’s not a role I want anytime soon.

Anonymous asked: Ryke & Daisy- you are my favorite couple! In ten years describe your life.

Ryke: What do you see in ten years, Calloway?

Daisy: *stares at him for a long moment* Do you see me?

Ryke: Maybe.

Daisy: *smiles* then maybe I see you.
lorenstacos asked: loren and lily: how many comics do you two own? what type of reactions would you show if you met stan lee

Lily: I’ve never counted. I should count though. That would be kinda fun.

Lo: *laughs* It would take you weeks, Lil.

Lily: *crinkles her nose* You’re right. That doesn’t sound fun anymore.

Lo: What would you do if you met Stan Lee, Lil?

Lil: Pee my pants and cry. *eyes get really big* But not in that order! Or maybe in that order… *frowns in confusion* I’d just freak out.

Ryke: Kind of like you’re doing right fucking now?

Lily: *flips him off and tries to narrow her eyes in anger, but it doesn’t come off as strong as she hopes*

Lo: *laughs into a smile*

Ryke: *cuts in* They own a fucking ton. Don’t let them fool you. They have chests and shelves and closets full of comics.

Lo: Yeah…well. I’ve been collecting them for years.

Anonymous asked: for the calloway sisters, why did your mom name you floral names? they're all beautiful, though. :-) i have a big crush on rose--whoops sorry connor (not really)

edit by Maria (Chips)
Daisy: *looks around to her sisters* It was because she likes to brag about it, right?

Lily: Definitely. *nods*

Rose: Our mother will take any opportunity to tell you that her daughters are named after her favorite four flowers. It’s unique enough that she feels special by the fact.

*room goes quiet for a second*

Daisy: *breaks the silence by talking to Rose* Someone has a crush on you.

Rose: So?

Lily: You’re supposed to say “thank you.”

Rose: *flatly* Thank you.
Anonymous asked: Daisy, Ryke, do you ever feel left out of the group or last choice?

Rose: *cuts in and scoots to the edge of her seat* We include them all the time.

Lo: She’s just pissy because Daisy and Ryke rejected her invite to dinner yesterday.

Ryke: *extends his arms* I had places to fucking be.

Rose: All I’m saying is that you can’t say we don’t invite you. *sits back with her arms crossed and chin up*

Connor: I second Rose’s declaration, just so everyone knows where I stand.

saminmercyfalls asked: What kind of music you hear? For Lo and Lily

Lily: We like house music and dubstep. Or at least I like house music. Like Skrillex, Deadmau5 and Bassnectar. Stuff like that.

Lo: Same.

Lily: *eyes brighten* Really? I thought, maybe, you just always liked that kind of music because of me.

Lo: Nope. But I like it even better when you dance with me.

daisycalloway asked: Among you guys, who do you think is the most popular couple?

*Connor, Rose, Ryke, and Daisy look over at Lo and Lily on the couch*

Lily: Us?

Lo: I was going to say Raisin. *flashes a half-smile*

Lily: *punches his arm lightly* You know it’s Raisy.

Lo: That’s what I said.

Ryke: Fucking hilarious.

(Raisy is not popular in the media due to a series of events that occurs in Hothouse Flower. They don’t like discussing the details with press.)
Anonymous asked: Connor, admit you actually love Rose and Lo bickering? :)

Connor: *grins* I can admit that it’s not intolerable.

smoakingstarks asked: lily/lo, do you have a favourite soundtrack from the marvel movies?

Lo: This might be sacrilege, but I’m going to say that the DC movies have the better soundtracks.

Lily: *nods* It’s a fact. Man of Steel and the Dark Knight trilogy all have kick ass soundtracks.

Lo: Yeah. They’re epic. Marvel tends to be…

Lily: More fun…campy. Blockbustery.

Lo: *smiles* Not a word.

Lily: *proudly* It is now.
Anonymous asked: Daisy and Ryke this one is for you guy. Has your relationships with your mothers improved? Have they apologized for what they did?

Daisy: It’s complicated… *looks to Ryke*

Ryke: *nods* definitely fucking complicated.
Anonymous asked: Rose, who do you dislike/like most in the group? Are you happy for Ryke & Daisy? How's the pregnancy going? You seem off whenever we get to speak to you!

Rose: *opens her mouth to speak*

Lo: *cuts her off* She doesn’t even need to say it. I am her least favorite. We all know that.

Rose: I don’t know what you’re talking about. I was going to say Connor.

Connor: Well that would be a blatant lie, considering we’re married.

Rose: It’s not a lie. I dislike you the most and I like you the most. You make me feel a vast amount of emotions. Hate and love. Both. Together. *gives him an icy smile*

Connor: I see. *trying to contain his grin*

Rose: And I’m very happy for my little sister to find love, even if it’s with someone who doesn’t know that throwing dirty clothes on the laundry room floor is not the same thing as placing them in a hamper.

Ryke: *groans* For fuck’s sake.

Rose: *waves him off* These are my questions. Quiet. *looks back down at the tablet* My pregnancy is going well. And I don’t understand that last part.

Lo: Maybe they think you forget your broomstick when we take these interviews.

Rose: It’s on purpose then. Because if I had a broomstick, it’d be halfway up your ass by now.

Lo: *brows rise* And you say you don’t hate me the most?

Anonymous asked: Daisy, as daring and fearless as you are, why didn't you fight back when the people you considered your best friends pulled that horrible act on you in the elevator?

Daisy: *goes still in her chair* I…they were my friends, and there were two girls and just me… *mutters* I’m going to go get a water, does anyone else want anything? *rises to her feet*

Ryke: *clamps a hand on her shoulder and pushes her back on the couch* Daisy did fight back. She got out of the fucking elevator. What more could she have done? Beat the shit out of them—

Daisy: It’s okay. It’s an honest question.

Ryke: All I’m saying, Dais, is that you didn’t do anything fucking wrong that day, okay?

Daisy: *nods*
Anonymous asked: Lily and Lo: if you could trade addictions with each other, would you?

Lily: *brows scrunches as she thinks long about this, and her eyes glass a little*

Lo: Hey. It’s okay, Lil. *he brushes her hair back and pulls her into his chest*

Lily: The other way around hurts more, I think.

Lo: *nods* I wouldn’t want that either. *kisses her forehead*

Anonymous asked: Do you guys have any "our songs"?

Connor: our wedding song, which is [REMOVED BY PUBLICISTS]

(You’ll see this in THRIVE, releasing July 18th)
Anonymous asked: Addicted gang, if you could pick a celebrity to sleep with who with it be? & you can't pick your significant others, even if you guys are celebs!

Lily: Loren Hale.

Lo: *smiles* You can’t pick me.

Lily: *blushes* Oh. Then…Michael Fassbender…or James Mcavoy. Or James Marsden circa Cyclops era.

Lo: You’re just picking all the actors who play X-Men.

Lily: Yep. *nods*

Rose: Maybe Henry Cavill.

Lily: *eyes widen brightly* Superman.

Connor: She has fantastic taste in men.

Rose: *roll her eyes*

Daisy: Well, Lily made me watch Game of Thrones the other day, and Kahl Drogo was pretty freakin’ hot. I’d do him.

Ryke: *glares* Who the fuck is Kahl Drogo?

Lo: Just watch the show, man.

Ryke: *starts searching online for a photo*

Ryke: What the fuck?

Daisy: *laughs into a smile* Sexy, right?

Ryke: *shakes head*
Anonymous asked: Lily, do you realize how cute you are? omg

Lily: Me? *points to chest and glances over her shoulder*

*everyone in the living room is staring at her, mostly smiling*

Lily: *turns bright red*
smoakingstarks asked: lo, can i touch your jawlines

Lo: I only let Lily touch them *flashes a smile*

Connor: That’s not what happened last night, darling.

Lo: *laughs* You’re my only exception.

Rose: Let’s not inflate his ego. Because I’m going to have to deal with it later.
Anonymous asked: Rose and Lily, if you could choose one trait from one sister for your soon to be children to end up with, what would they be and why?

Lily: Rose’s confidence. *nods resolutely* my kid would be set for life, then.

Rose: *her eyes soften at Lily’s response* *clears her throat* I’d want my daughter or son to have Lily’s heart. I may not have the warmest soul, but Lily does. I’d want that for my child.
Anonymous asked: Connor and Loren since you guys are becoming parents soon if you had a girl how would you react to meeting the guy she was dating?

Lo: I can’t imagine my kid in diapers, so I definitely can’t imagine him or her being a teenager. *rubs back of his neck*

Connor: I can imagine it. Though, my reaction would really depend on who she was dating.

Anonymous asked: Connor would you prefer to have a baby boy or girl? I think you and Rose will be amazing parents :)


(this will be mentioned in THRIVE, releasing July 18th)

Anonymous asked: rose, are you excited to becoming a mother in the future?

Rose: Excited is a strong word. I would say that I’m trying to be enthusiastic about it.

Anonymous asked: Have any of you had really good or memorable fan encounters?

Daisy: One fan recently gave me a box of chocolates.

Rose: *looks at her sister* You shouldn’t have eaten them either.

Daisy: It was chocolate. And they were good.

Ryke: I bet if they had razor blades in them then that would have felt just as fucking good.

Daisy: Unpleasantly good, yes.

Ryke: *lets out a breath and rubs her head, tangling her hair* Next time let someone check that shit out before you eat it.

Lily: *raises her hand* I think that’s a good idea.

Daisy: *leans over and rubs Ryke’s head now, messing up his hair*

Ryke: *deadpans* Cute.
Anonymous asked: A question for Rose: what's your favorite reality show? And the discovery channel doesn't count.

Rose: Project Runway.

Lily: Liar. She’s secretly in love with all the Real Housewives shows.

Rose: *sits straighter* I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Anonymous asked: Rose - in retrospect, do you have any regrets about doing the reality show? was it worth it to publicize your life and relationships for your business?

Rose: It has put a bigger spotlight on us, and some events that happened in the end were less than satisfactory. *glares at Lo* Don’t you dare make a comment.

Lo: You seemed pretty satisfied in the tapes.

Rose: You disgust me. *crosses her arms* The end.

Lo: That’s it? Afraid Connor may punish you later. Oh wait, you’ll enjoy that.

Connor: *holds Rose by the waist as she attempts to stand up and swat Lo with her tablet* *whispers in her ear*

Rose: *calms and straightens her dress as she scoots back on the couch* I was going to say that I don’t regret the reality show because so many people in the media and fans love Lily and Lo now. It was worth everything. *refuses to look at Lo*

Lo: *smile fades, guilt flashes in his eyes*

Lily: *wraps her thin arms around Lo’s waist and he relaxes a little* Thanks, Rose.

Anonymous asked: Connor do you realise how hot you are? I'd totally do you ;) (sorry Rose!)

Rose: *glares at Connor beside her* stop grinning.

Connor: In a way, darling, the question was a compliment towards you. You’re the one married to someone so attractive, intelligent, and—

Rose: She called you hot. She didn’t list your attributes. You can stop there.

Connor: *grins wider*
Anonymous asked: Ryke, how do you feel about the stunt Daisy's mom pulled on you? Has it affected your relationship with Daisy? Do you think you'll ever be able to sort things out with Samantha Calloway? Do you WANT to sort things out even? Do you dislike her for the way she treated Daisy? Do you think you will you ever get that bond with her family?

Ryke: *runs hand through his hair* Honestly, I just want everyone to be fucking happy. Whatever that takes, I’m going to do it.

Connor: It’s a lofty goal.

Ryke: You think I’m already going to fucking fail, Cobalt?

Connor: All I’m saying is that the task may be bigger than you. We’ll see what happens. And I’ll have a water bowl next to me if you need to hydrate.

Ryke: *flips him off*
jaebooklover asked: Lily and Loren: the movie Superman vs. Batman is coming out in the future, who do you think would win?

Lily: *perks up in excitement* Great question!

Lo: Superman. He has actual powers and he’s Kryptonian.

Lily: He’s basically invulnerable. Batman is just a human who learned some cool martial arts tricks.

Lo: It’s Superman’s to lose.
Anonymous asked: Lo if you could go back in time to make sure you never got Lily pregnant, would you do it? how about you, Lily? Would you do the same?

Lo: *cheekbones sharpen* I can’t answer this.

Lily: *whispers to Lo* what’s the possibility that our child sees this?

Lo: Don’t think about it, love.
atepurple asked: to loren and conner, where's your head at now that your wife and gf's pregnant? to ryke, what can you say that their gf and wife are pregnant? i know that daisy is still young but can you see daisy preggy too?

Connor: I’m looking forward to our future daughter or son being with us.

Lo: What he said.

Connor: The wait is tough.

Rose: *rolls her eyes* It’s nine months. You’ll survive.

Connor: *smiles and looks to Ryke* The second part is directed towards you. In case you’ve forgotten how to read.

Ryke: I can fucking read, Cobalt. I’m just thinking about it.

*Long pause*

Ryke: No.

Connor: The first question wasn’t a “yes” or “no” one … you have to actually speak out loud. Do you want me to explain how talking works?

Ryke: *groans*
Anonymous asked: Lo & Connor, how are you two handling your women's pregnancies? Which woman is more challenging and why?



(this will be in Addicted After All, coming Fall 2014)

Anonymous asked: Lo before you thought that Ryke wanted Daisy just as a girl he could fuck and add to his list, do you see now that its much more than love? Are you okay with it?

Lo: *glances at publicist* I’m getting a side-eye from the Calloway’s publicist.

Lily: *whispers* that’s just how she looks.


(this is a huge part of THRIVE, which releases July 18th) 

Anonymous asked: This question is for Lily & Lo: You've understandably kept a low profile since rehab & then the outing of Lily's addiction. Do you/are you still able to go out alone together anymore just to hang out or have a "date night" anymore? Or is public scrutiny (much like these questions) too intrusive?

Lo: We’re trying to go out more, but some months are harder than others, just depending on the headlines.

Lily: Oh yeah. Whenever people are talking about Rose and Connor or Daisy and Ryke, it’s okay to go out. But if we’re the ones on the headlines, it’s like trying to tackle a mob.

Lo: But you have your bodyguard now, so it should be better.

Lily: *nods* It is. Garth is awesome. It’s just a little scarier now that I have to protect someone else, you know. *eyes flit to Lo*

Lo: I know, but I’m going to protect you and the baby. You don’t have to worry about that Lil.

Lil: …yeah.

Lo: *rubs her back and holds her closer*

hoshjutchersonfanfiction asked: Rose please run away with me.

Rose: I don’t run. I walk quickly. *crosses ankles, wearing five-inch black heels*

smoakingstarks asked: Rose, who is your fashion icon? (Daisy and Lily can answer this too)

Rose: Coco Chanel

Daisy: I really like Vivienne Westwood. Her clothes are kind of punk and different.

Lily: *flushes* Um…obviously I’m not really involved in the fashion industry. I like…leggings. So whoever designs those.
Anonymous asked: Rose, what physical feature of Connor's is your absolute favorite and just makes you weak in the knees? (besides his package of course ;))

Rose: His brain. Though it’s completely oversized.

Connor: It’s obviously the perfect size or else you wouldn’t have picked it.

Rose: *puts her hand in Connor’s face* This was my question.

Connor: *grins wide*
Anonymous asked: So if one of you cheated on your significant other, e.g Ryke cheated on Daisy, how would the group deal with it? Because you're all so tightly knit and related and know each other in one either through marriage, or being siblings, how would this effect your group? Who's side would you take?

*complete silence*

Lo: You going to take this? *glares at Ryke*

Ryke: I would never fucking cheat on Daisy. I thought that was unspoken.

Connor: Now it’s definitely spoken.

Rose: He’d have at least one less ball if he cheated on Daisy. I bought a pair of scissors just for guys who fuck over my sisters.

Lo: That’s comforting.

Ryke: Again, it would never fucking happen.

Lo: And what if you break up?

Daisy: Then we break up *trying to play it cool, but she crosses legs underneath her bottom as she sits next to Ryke, restless*

Ryke: *jaw muscles tighten* Can we not talk about this?
kssksskss asked: If you guys had an invisibility cloak to use for one day, and one day only, how would each of you spend that day and what would you do?

Lily: *eyes widen and she flushes rash-red* *looks around and whispers to Lo* Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Lo: *smiles* probably not

Lily: I just thought…you know, someone would so be a peeping Tom. *puts her hands on her chest* Not me, just so we have that clear. I’d use the invisibility cloak to go somewhere normal…like Universal Studios and have a fun time without anyone noticing us.

Lo: And then we could pretend to be wizards in Diagon Alley.

Lily: Well, if we had invisibility cloaks, we’d be real wizards then. No pretending.

Lo: *smile envelops his face*
Anonymous asked: Conner & Rose , what was your first date like ?

Rose: Exactly how I thought it’d be.

Connor: Meaning, it was the best first date she’s ever been on.

Rose: *snorts* You wish.

Connor: I don’t wish. I know.

(their first date will either be shown in FUEL THE FIRE, coming winter 2015 or in bonus material) 

absurdandobscene asked: Lily & Lo: If you could live in any comic book series which one would you choose and what character would you be?

Lo: *looks to Lily* Probably New X-Men: Academy X, right?

Lily: Yeah, everyone was so happy back then.

Lo: Who’d I be?

Lily: Scott Summers, definitely. *pauses* Would I be Wallflower? *frowns*

Lo: No, Lil. You’re Emma Frost. *hugs her close* You’re with me, no matter what.

Lily: *smiles and kisses him quickly*
Anonymous asked: Conner, why don't you go rock climbing with Ryke ? , it would give you guys a chance to bond and admit you care about each other even if you don't show it

Ryke: Because he can’t rock climb.

Connor: I’ve never tried, that doesn’t mean I can’t do it.

Ryke: Fine. Then come climb with me.

Lily: *turns red and shifts in her seat*

Ryke: For fuck’s sake. That wasn’t sexual.

Lily: *throws up her hands* I didn’t say anything.

Connor: *grinning* I’ll climb with you, but I get to be on top.

Ryke: *lets out a long groan* I forgot that climbing with you means having to listen to you. I take everything back. You’re not coming with me.

Lily: *roasts red*

Ryke: Lily!

Lily: You said coming. Everyone else was thinking it!

Daisy: I kind of was.

Lo: Me too.

Ryke: Fuck all of you.
Anonymous asked: Rose will you stop wearing heels when you're heavily pregnant?

Rose: No.

Lo: What if your feet swell up?

Rose: *shoots him a withering glare*

Lo: That was an honest question.

Rose: One that I refuse to answer.
Anonymous asked: Wait, do you guys have middle names? I totally forgot if that's the case.

Lo: I don’t have a middle name *gestures to both Ryke and Connor* But those two go by their middle names.

Ryke: If you had one would you go by it?

Lo: If it wasn’t something worse than Loren, yeah, maybe.

lorenstacos asked: Daisy, you are going to be an aunt! What are you most excited about them

Daisy: I’m technically already an aunt, since Poppy has a daughter—Maria. But I guess this is kind of different since I’m closer to Rose and Lily.

Lily: You’re going to babysit, right?

Daisy: *grins and bounces a little on her seat.* Definitely.

Ryke: *puts a hand on her shoulder so she doesn’t rock the couch* *he’s holding a Fizz can*

Daisy: *to Rose & Lily* Would you let Ryke babysit with me?

Rose: No.

Lily: Yes. *give Rose a look* Wait, why not?

Rose: Ryke put my baby sister on a motorcycle. I’m not going to trust him with my actual baby. No, thank you.

Ryke: Maybe I didn’t want to fucking babysit for you anyway. *sips his Fizz*

Lily: *cuts in before Rose can respond* this was Daisy’s question.

Daisy: No, it’s cool. I’m excited all around. *gives the room a thumbs up*

Anonymous asked: Daisy did you ever consider rock climbing to ? since you're like the daredevil

Daisy: Ryke has taught me to climb a little bit.

Ryke: *brows rise* More than a little bit.

Daisy: *smiles* A lot, a lot, a lot then. The better question is when you’re going to take me on a giant, real rock.

Ryke: Soon. If you can fucking handle it. *his eyes flit over her features*

Daisy: *licks her bottom lip and slowly smiles wider*

*Ryke has asked the publicists for a twenty minute break. They’ve denied his request* 

Anonymous asked: So Conner ever consider being a Model ?

Connor: No. I have other goals. Lo: *looks over curiously* Have you ever been offered to model?

Lily: *jumps in* Lo has; he almost modeled for Burberry. *nudges his side* What would have happened if you and Daisy were in the same profession all this time?

Lo: It’s a weird alternate universe.

Lily: Very weird. *nods in agreement*

Lo: *turns back to Connor* Love, are you answering my question?

Connor: I haven’t been scouted. My face isn’t as pretty as yours.

Lo: *smiles*
Anonymous asked: Daisy!! What colour is your hair these days? P.s Daisy and Ryke are my favourite couple!! Love you two!!

Daisy: I still have blonde hair with green, purple, and pink streaks… I’ll probably change it though. *looks to Ryke* What do you think?

Ryke: Whatever you want, sweetheart. *gives her a long, long once-over* *checks the clock*
Anonymous asked: A question for Connor. In Kiss the Sky, I think Rose mentioned she had fantasies about you when she was sixteen. Did you know that she had a crush on you, and was it mutual?

Lily: *gapes* You had fantasies about him when you were sixteen? *brows pinch in confusion* How come you never told me?

Rose: *stiffens* Fantasies about killing him. I didn’t think you’d want the imagery of me slicing through his neck with a dull knife, slowly.

Connor: *laughs* But I’m the only man you’ve decapitated in your dreams.

Rose: Maybe.*pauses* the others I usually castrate. I spared your penis. Your welcome.

Connor: Is this what you call true love?

Rose: Close to it.
Anonymous asked: Connor and Rose do you guys like your ship name 'Coballoway'?

Rose: I like it. It fits us.

Lily: What about RoCo? I’ve heard some people call you that.

Rose: It’s too close to people’s ship name for Loren and Connor. (They’re ship name is LoCo) And I don’t approve of friendships being shipped.

Lily: *gawks* That’s so mean. Take it back.

Rose: *stays quiet*

Lily: *glares* Some of my favorite ships are friends. Xavier and Magneto. Harry and Hermoine. Don’t shit on the brotps, Rose.

Lo: Whoa. Lil…calm down. *pulls her back into the couch (she’s started to lean forward on attack)*

Lily: *takes a deep breath*

Connor: *clears his throat and cuts the tension, relaxing the room* I, for one, appreciate Coballoway. It has a nice ring to it…as does LoCo. So it seems that the person who’s winning in this situation would be me. *grins*
Anonymous asked: Daisy and Ryke, do you see yourself starting a family soon now that the others are about to become parents?

Daisy: We’re going to make babies very soon *wags eyebrows*

Ryke: She’s joking.

Daisy: *mock gasps and lowers her voice so the others can’t hear* But you just came inside—

Ryke: *covers her mouth with his hand and groans* You’re killing me, Calloway. *checks his watch again and then stares down at her, from head to toe*

Daisy: *smile peeks on the corner of her lips*
Anonymous asked: Loren/Lilly- what would be something that would cause a breakup? The thing you most fear that you know without a doubt would tear you apart and you wouldn't ever be able to come together again?

Lily: *frowns* Cheating? *looks to Lo for an answer*

Lo: *thinks hard* I don’t know… *shakes head*

Lily: You’d still be with me if I cheated…Lo *nudges his hip and shakes her head* No.

Lo: I don’t know, Lil. *rubs the back of his neck* This is all hypothetical, right? *his amber eyes bore into hers, filled with lots of emotion*

Lily: right *nods firmly and resolutely*

Lo: *hugs her close*
(Closing remarks from Krista & Becca)
Lily and Lo have turned on the television to watch Avengers Assemble. She’s wrapped in his arms, yawning while she rests her head on his chest.

Rose stands, her handbag on the crook of her arm. She leaves with Connor (who holds the front door open for her) — they’re leaving to have dinner out.

Ryke takes Daisy’s wrist and leads her upstairs almost immediately. Lo tries not to watch them, but it’s clear that they’re going to go have sex.

Lily: *whispers* can we… in a little while? *blushes*

Lo: *strokes her hair, his lips curving in a smile. His eyes stay fixed to the television*

Lily: *keeps her ear against his chest* Your heart is racing.

Lo: Is that so?

Lily: Shh, I’m listening to it *shuts her eyes, and she actually begins to fall asleep*

Lo: *kisses her head*


Thank you all for joining the Addicted gang and asking questions! WE HOPE YOU LOVED IT!! We are going to delete all the unanswered questions for the gang so we’re not confused about which ones belong to the Character Day and which ones are for us. BUT we’ll save ones that would be fantastic blog posts in the future! xoxo Krista & Becca

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