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Addicted Series Character Takeover (April 8, 2015)

Hi Fizzle Force!  I haven't been very active on this blog and on social media lately because work has somewhat taken over my free time for the past 6 months now.  I'm behind on a lot of the news and this is one of the big ones that I really need to make time for.  If you're anything like me, then you love all the bonus material that Krista & Becca throws our way from the Addicted world.

They recently had their 3rd Character Takeover on April 8, 2015!  For those of you who are curious and didn't see the first two takeovers, the links to them are below:

First Character Takeover
Second Character Takeover 

And if you missed the third takeover, here is the recap of all the questions asked and answers given!  BIG HUGE THANKS to Jae from The Fluttering Heart Book Nest for compiling these Q&As!!  (*tackle hugs*)  BEWARE OF SPOILERS if you haven't read up to Addicted After All.  I must warn you, this is going to be a long post so grab some popcorn and make yourself comfy.  Prepare yourself for lots of laughs and swooning!

(Introduction from Krista & Becca)

From this point upwards, everything asked and answered will be by the Addicted series gang: Loren, Lily, Rose, Daisy, Connor & Rose. The Q&A will last until 7 pm EST. They’ll try to answer as many questions as they can in the time frame!

There will be NO Fuel the Fire spoilers during this character day to avoid spoiling anyone who has not finished or read the book yet. But in the Addicted world, this Character Day takes place AFTER Fuel the Fire. It’s summer in their world.


Lily: *settles next to Loren on the living room loveseat* who’s bringing the snacks?

Loren: Ryke said he’d get them.

Connor: *next to Rose on the couch, a newspaper in her clutch with a pen (she’s doing a crossword puzzle*…and to no one’s surprise, he’s late. 

Ryke: *voice from the kitchen* I fucking heard that, Cobalt! *walks into the living room with Daisy, bowls of snacks in hand. He sets down the chex-mix, popcorn, Cheetos, and pretzels on the coffee table* 

Lily: *reaches for the Cheetos bowl but hesitates* how bad are Cheeto fingers? 

Loren: *smiles* I’ll lick them for you, love. 

Lily: *blushes and takes Cheeto bowl* 

Daisy: did Mom already pick up the babies? *holds Ryke’s hand as they go to an oversized chair. He sits down and she lies across his lap, swinging her legs off the armrest* 

Rose: she picked them up at eight this morning *passes newspaper to Connor* should we start? 

Loren: *collects his tablet and scrolls through the questions* 

Anonymous asked: Rose and connor could you please describe your first date?

Rose: *glares* imagine spending half the night with a man who believes he created the stars, the Earth, and the moon. That’s how it was.

Connor: So it was the best night of your life then.

Rose: *whips her head to him and glares more* It was the worst night of my life, Richard.

Connor: *grins* I remember differently.

Anonymous asked: Hi Ryke and Daisy! I love you so much! If you ever start a family where would you like to live? In the city or in the country side? Wishh you the best foreverrr! #RaisyisAlive

Daisy: *looks to Ryke* she forgot to add the moon as a place of residence.

Ryke: *almost smiles (p.s. his hand is in her hair – unnamed sources think he’s giving her a head massage)* You want to live on the moon, Calloway?

Daisy: we can take moon treks together *lowers her voice to him* and you can see what’s beneath my moon suit.

Ryke: I’ve already seen what’s beneath it.

Daisy: Yeah? *smile grows* what do you think?

Ryke: *lips move to her ear* you’re everything I fucking want, sweetheart.

helucas asked: Lily, where did you buy your wampa hat? I really really want one myself!

Lily: *pats head, expecting the hat to be there (it’s not)* *blushes* Ummm…so we took a trip to Disney World. Or was it Land? *looks to Lo*

Loren: *tucks her closer to his side* It was Disneyland that time.

Lily: *nods more confidently* Disneyland then.

Anonymous asked:  Hi Lo!! So how does it feel working with Rose? Rose how does it feel to have Lo as your boss?

Rose: *crosses her arms* he’s not my boss. 

Loren: she tells herself that so she can sleep peacefully on her bed of nails at night. 

Rose: *glares* I have power over you, Loren. 

Loren: *brows rise* how? By your voodoo magic? 

Lily: *eats Cheetos and swings her head back and forth as she watches them* 

Rose: I’m smarter than you. *raises her chin* I scored higher on my SATs and never made a B in prep school. 

Loren: then you have a boss that’s dumber than you. How does that feel, Rose? 

Rose: *lets out a growl of annoyance* 

Loren: *flashes half-smile* that bad, huh?  
adriantomysydney asked: Ryke, what is your favorite book?

Ryke: *fingers are lost in Daisy’s hair* On the Road by Jack Kerouac.

Lily: *raises her hand* I saw that movie

Ryke: *narrows his eyes at her* There’s sex in that movie

Daisy: *leans her head back to look Ryke in the eyes* I fast-forwarded those parts. We just wanted to see K-Stew in a serious role.

Ryke: Who the fuck is K-Stew?

Lily: Kristen Stewart

Daisy: AKA Bella Swan

Connor: *still staring at the newspaper* And we went from On the Road to Twilight. I feel as if this is the progression of most conversations in this house.

Lily: Boring to entertaining *nods in agreement*

Daisy: *stretches over the chair to reach the love seat and holds out fist*

Lily: *fist bumps Daisy*

Anonymous asked: Ryke and Connor’s package (exact size) were mentioned in the books. When do we know Lo’s? *giggling uncontrollably. Can Lo pls reply to this during the character takeover? 

Loren: *flashes half-smile* I’m a private person. 

Rose: *snorts*

Loren: *ignores Rose* And unlike these two *motions to Ryke and Connor* I know not to get photographed with a clear dick-outline in my pants. 

Ryke: that was one fucking time. (Background info: He was wearing a suit, and you could see how hung he was… his dick near his thigh/leg like so) 

Loren: *turns to Connor* what do you have to say for yourself? 

Connor: I have a large cock. *passes newspaper to Rose*  

ydbrooks asked: Hi Loren! Do you miss working at Superheroes & Scones with Lily? I know you two had some really “fun” times in your office 

Loren: *nods* I miss being near her, regardless of what we did in my office. 

Lily: *frowns* But we did have fun in the office, right? It wasn’t all in my head… 

Loren: *tucks a strand of hair behind her ear and stares at her like he wants to take her away to be alone* Believe me, love, I had more than fun having sex with you. 

Lily: *blushes bright red* 

Loren: *kisses her lightly on the nose* 

Lily: You know you…you can stop by for lunch and we can recreate…*leans in close and cups her hands around his ear to whisper* 

Loren: *lips rise*

Anonymous asked: To all the Addicted Gang. When are you going to spend a vacation in the Philippines? We have lots of super cool and awesome beaches here!!

Coron, Palawan Island, Philippines

Connor: who’s all been to the Philippines? 

Ryke: *raises his hand*


Ryke: *frowns* I’m the only fucking one? 

Daisy: I’d go for the awesome beaches and this person seems really sweet – so I bet everyone else is too. 

Connor: because one nice person reveals an entire population’s morality. 

Rose: *shoots him a glare* her generalization was a good one. 

Connor: it was naïve one, but I don’t doubt it came from a place of love. 

Ryke: *cuts in* fuck off, Cobalt. 

Daisy: no, it’s okay. I don’t think any place is filled with all nice people, but we have lots of fans from the Philippines and that has to count for something. 

Ryke: *kisses Daisy on the top of her head and hugs her closer* 

Lily: *nods* I second what Daisy said. 

Daisy: *smiles*  

prongsargent asked: Connor, if you weren’t the heir to the Cobalt empire what other career would you have had? 

Connor: I would have created my own empire or commandeered someone else’s and claimed it as my own. In any other path, the outcome is always the same. 

Ryke: *lets out a dry laugh* He’s still a fucking narcissistic, prick. 

Anonymous asked: To Lily and Lo: What would Lily/Lo have to do for you to leave her/him? Like, what’s the point wherein you can’t take it anymore and have to break up with her/him?

Lily: *Cheeto falls out of her mouth* whaa…? *peers closer at the tablet to read the question*

Rose: you’re getting Cheeto dust on your cushions *eyes grow wide*

Loren: don’t worry about our couch cushions, Rose. *looks to Lily* hey, you know there’s nothing you could do that’d make me leave you.

Lily: *looks to Lo with love in her eyes* I know. And there’s nothing you could do, Lo. *says lowly so only he can hear* not a relapse or anything.

Loren: I know, love. *cups her cheek and then kisses her on the lips*

Lily: *shifts unconsciously, her hand lowering towards his zipper*

Loren: *smiles in the kiss and clasps her hand in his*

Anonymous asked: Zobia here. Hey Connor, do you watch Sherlock? I bet you’ll like it a lot. Sherlock reminds me of you, most of the time! Love you

Connor: Occasionally. And to no one’s surprise, I usually solve the mysteries five or fifteen minutes before him.

Anonymous asked: which one of you do you think is the best dancer and singer?

Daisy: *tucks her leg underneath her butt* Well Lo and Lily are obviously the best dancers. Have you seen those two on the dance floor? They’re like trained club dancers.

Ryke: And really how much training goes into grinding on someone? Cobalt can do the fucking waltz.

Connor: It’s actually just the waltz. Not the “fucking” waltz.

Ryke: *flips him off*

Loren: *glares at Ryke* We can all do the waltz. All of us took stupid dance classes growing up.

Lily: The better question is who’s the best singer. *looks to Rose*

Daisy: *looks to Rose*

Ryke: *looks to Rose*

Connor: *grinning, looks to Rose*

Loren: *looks to Rose* Do it.

Rose: *rolls her eyes* No. I am not singing, Loren. (Background info: No one has heard Rose sing except for Ryke and Daisy when she was drunk. Connor is the only one who has heard sober Rose sing. Though, Connor won’t divulge whether or not her singing voice is good.)

Loren: In that case, the award goes to Ryke since Lily and Daisy can’t hold a tune.

Lily: *shrugs* It’s true.

Daisy: *nods* Luckily my shower head doesn’t mind.

Ryke: *Pats her hair* I don’t mind, sweetheart.

Daisy: *grinning* That’s two people that don’t mind my singing voice. *makes a cha-chining motion with her arm*

Connor: One person and an inanimate object.

Ryke: *shakes head* Always gotta be that fucking person, Cobalt.

Connor: Gotta isn’t a word. I think you’re looking for “have to”

Ryke: Fuck off

Anonymous asked: Dear Ryke I love so fucking much, leave Daisy and be with me..wait I love you and Daisy so much together aghhh it’s not fair :( ok stay with her but love me too <3 #RaisyisAlive

Ryke: *almost smiles* Cute.

Daisy: *looks up at Ryke, her head more on his shoulder as she lies across his lap* no “fucking” cute?

Ryke: you’re the fucking cute one.

Daisy: *smile wider* say that again.

Anonymous asked: To Lo. Do you think there will ever come a day where you will completely cut your dad out of your life for good? He’s so toxic and just horrible! I think you are better off without him.

Loren: *scratches his neck and then shakes his head* I don’t know. He raised me, and I know he loves me but…I don’t know. *looks to Ryke*

Ryke: *shrugs tensely* it’s fucking complicated, and it’s probably not something you can predict, yeah?

Loren: *nods* yeah.  

Anonymous asked: To Lily. How is your relationship with Samantha since you confronted her about Moffy?

Lily: *reaches over and puts Cheeto bowl onto the coffee table* it’s a lot better. I think she’s given us a middle ground to build a relationship out of, so it’s nice. *nods with a smile* really nice, actually.

Anonymous asked: Rose, what if you fall sick during your next pregnancy and you’re forced to choose between saving your life or the baby’s…How would you and Connor go about it? I’m pretty sure you would choose your baby; Connor’s the wild card…

Rose: *stiffens like a wooden board*

Connor: *wraps his arm on the back of the couch behind Rose* let’s not think about this hypothetical.

Rose: he would choose to save me.

Connor: next question.

Anonymous asked: To Lily and Rose. Do you sit on the floor and play with Jane and Moffy?

Lily: yep.

Rose: only if there’s a blanket or something on the floor. I play with Jane more on my bed.

Lily: *looks to Rose* has Mom updated you yet on them?

Rose: *passes newspaper back to Connor and then checks her cell* No. You?

Lily: No.

Ryke: It’s only been a fucking hour and a half.

Lily: yeah but I already miss him. An hour and a half without Loren Hale is hard, but an hour and a half without Moffy is like…*frowns*

Loren: I miss him too, love.

Daisy: you all should FaceTime with Mom later.

Lily: *smiles* good idea!

linit33 asked: Hello Addicted Gang. Can you please remind us of all your birthdays? and do all of you remember each others birthdays? Who is the most likely to forget this kind of stuff and who wouldn’t ever forget? #HalloweenLo

Loren: Halloween.

Lily: August 1st.

Rose: August 5th.

Loren: we all know Greg and Samantha liked to get it on in January during the holidays.

Rose: *glares* you’re not funny, Loren.

Loren: I was being serious, Callowitch.

Daisy: *interjects* I’m February 20th.

Ryke: September 19th.

Connor: this is pointless. *fills out his crossword*

Rose: he’s January 3rd, and he’s not fooling me. I know he enjoys his birthday.

Connor: *lips rise in a smile* I also never forget any of your birthdays, but I think we’re all in agreement that Lo’s is the easiest to remember.

Loren: Yeah, and Ryke’s is the hardest. September 19th is so goddamn random.

Ryke: I can barely remember my own fucking birthday, so yeah, it probably is.
erika07liz asked: Who baby proofed the house?

Ryke: I offered to fucking do it.

Loren: And I would have let you do it.

Rose: *half-growls, half-sighs* I just felt more comfortable if I did it. Okay?

Loren: Okay, Queen Rose. *shoots her a dry smile*

Anonymous asked: Q for Connor! do you think you would still have gone after rose if she was with someone when you guys “bumped” into each other again? I’m sad to think of your worlds without jane :( :( :( 

Connor: If she was dating someone, I would’ve swept her off her feet and she wouldn’t have been able to resist me. *grins* 

Rose: don’t make me gag. 

Connor: *laughs and says something in French* *then he passes her the crossword*  

Anonymous asked: Ryke, why are you so hot? ;)

Ryke: *shrugs*

Connor: We can all agree that this is rhetorical.

Daisy: *nudges Ryke with a lopsided grin* You hear that, you’re rhetorically hot.

Ryke: *messes up her hair playfully*

an-angel-that-has-no-place asked: Where you do see yourselves in 10 years?

Loren: God, that’s far away.

Lily: *crinkles nose* Maybe…just happy?

Loren: *nods* Good answer, love. 

Anonymous asked: Lily. Have you ever been jealous of Lo’s ex-girlfriends back in Prep School? Lo, who among Lily’s “past” had you been most jealous of?

Lily: Ummm…*shifts eyes away from Lo* Maybe a couple of them. Just the mean ones though.

Loren: *looks at her with concern* I never was with them too long.

Lily: *nods* Thanks for that. You know. Thanks.

Loren: *leans in to kiss her and forgets about the last question*

Anonymous asked: Connor, do you have anyone you look up to?

Connor: Myself

Ryke: Fucking A. Can you all stop asking him questions that lead to this?

Loren: *laughs* he’d find his way there anyway.

Anonymous asked: To Ryke. Why are you so mean to Lily? I can’t stand it when you COMPLAIN about her WHINING which I find to be hypocritical and some of the things you have said to her in the past kind of makes you sound like Scott. You need to be nicer to her!

Ryke: *features darken* there’s no fucking way I sound like Scott *looks to Lily apologetically* and if there is I’m really fucking sor-

Lily: nonono, you’re not like Scott. And you’ve already apologized before, Ryke.

Ryke: yeah but I’m just making sure I’m doing better now that I fucking know that my comments got to you…*runs hand through his hair with a heavy, frustrated sigh*

Lily: you definitely are. *nods* and we all have pet peeves. I know you don’t like whining, and I don’t like the way you stand.

Ryke: *lets out a laugh* The way I fucking stand?

Lily: Yep, and the way you lean on things. Like stop leaning on my chair.

Ryke: I’m not leaning on your chair.

Lily: It was an example.

Loren: *pats Lily’s head* that was a good example, Lil.

Lily: Thank you.

Rose: *interjects* and just to remind everyone, Scott is in his own abominable stratosphere

Anonymous asked: To Connor. Rose told Lily that she beat your team in the ABT when she found out you were tutoring her sister. But when you two met at the apartment you had mentioned that you had beaten her team and she acknowledged that so did she lie to Lily or was she talking about a tournament that happened earlier that year? When did the ABT’s take place during the year?

Connor: those were two different academic bowl tournaments, but the ones that mattered were finals and nationals. 

Rose: *rolls her eyes* scrimmage tournaments still count. 

Connor: by definition they don’t count, darling.

Anonymous asked: To Rose. Since Jane’s birth how is your relationship with Samantha? It doesn’t sound like it’s improved.

Rose: we butt heads a lot, but we’ve always had a better relationship than the one she had with Lily… no offense, Lily.

Lily: none taken *smiles*

cintiaramos asked: Why is Rose angry all the time? 

Loren: *laughs* 

Rose: *glares at him* 

Loren: *trying to talk through his laughter* I rest my case.  

Anonymous asked: Hi Ryke and rose! If there was no Daisy and no Connor for Rose would you guys try dating each other? I REALLY <3 YOUR DYNAMICS!!!! I imagine Rose being attracted to you since you are smart underneath all the ruggedness and you can handle Rose’s moods. In my alternate universe, you guys are perf for each other :D

Ryke: that’s just fucking weird. I’m with her little sister.

Rose: *checks the state of her nails* and I’m married.

Connor: in this particular hypothetical, they eliminated both Daisy and me.

Ryke: and it’s still fucking weird.

Rose: agreed.

Anonymous asked: Gang, if you did something that you regret like kissing a friend- how would you deal with the situation?

Loren: I kiss my friend every day. *looks to Lily*

Lily: *bites her gums to try not to smile too much*

Anonymous asked: Rose, whats your favourite smell of perfume; not a actual perfume but a ingredient ie; orange, vanilla… And Connor, what is your favourite smell of Rose, besides her natural one! Xxxx

Rose: top notes of lemon, then heart of jasmine, lily, and rose, and a base of vetiver, vanilla, and sandalwood.

Connor: in short, Chanel No. 5

Rose: *tries not to smile at the fact that he knows this*

Connor: this is my favorite scent on her.
Anonymous asked: Rose, what are you wardrobe staples/must haves? And Connor, what do you think rose looks best in besides underwear haha

Rose: every girl should have a black dress in her closet.

Loren: for funerals.

Rose: *glares* you know nothing.

Loren: *pauses* I keep waiting for you to add “Jon Snow” on the end of that.

Rose: *rolls her eyes*

Connor: *interjects* Rose looks best when she wears confidence, which is all the time.

Anonymous asked: To Ryke: do you see yourself as Janes uncle?

Ryke: Yeah, I fucking do. I babysit her all the time.

Anonymous asked: This is to Ryke and Daisy, when was the exact moment that you realized you were in love with one another??

Daisy: *turns to Ryke with a goofy smile and mock gasps* You love me?

Ryke: *tries hard not to smile and messes her hair again*

Anonymous asked: Mr. Cobalt, do you think you would have loved a child of yours differently if Rose wasn’t the mother? I mean, what if you got Caroline pregnant? ~I CRINGE AT THIS BUT AM REALLY CURIOUS~

Connor: if it wasn’t with Rose, I wouldn’t have believed in the concept of love.

Anonymous asked: Does any of you Girls buy the boys clothes?

Loren: Connor will literally buy out Hermes stores. Does that answer the question?

Rose: *rolls her eyes* Maybe you should take some tips from him, Loren.

Lily: *crinkles nose* Hermes?

Loren: *waves to his wife but looks at Rose* Your advice sucks. Congratulations.

Rose: Your personality sucks. Congratulations.

Loren: At least I have one.

Connor: *sits up* And yet, both of you failed to recognize that you answered the question incorrectly.

Rose: *stiffens* What? *rereads question* Ugh.

Lily: I’ve bought Lo some underwe…*blushes*

Daisy: *nods* Oh yeah, Lil. I’ve bought Ryke some underwear before. Sister fist bump. *leans over to fist bump Lil again*

Rose: I buy Connor some things sometimes.

Loren: Things? *pauses* Actually, I don’t want to fucking know.

Rose: *rolls eyes* Next question. 

linit33 asked: If you think back to that time when Lo hit Ryke because he lied to him and didn’t tell him he was dating Daisy (I’m crazy for Raisy) what song would be playing in the background? I can’t stop thinking of Eye of the Tiger. 

Ryke: *laughs* Devil’s Work by Miike Snow. 

Loren: funny, bro.

Anonymous asked: Connor, did you really not know that Rose was a virgin until Lo told you? Or if you did, why did you pretend you didn’t?

Connor: this was one of the few times she’s ever tricked me. I can honestly say that I had no clue she was a virgin until Cancun.

Rose: I shocked you then. *smiles at the thought*

Connor: rarely.

Rose: You say you love rare moments.

Connor: *grins* I do.

raifdjanurbi asked: lo, describe what you have on your desk at work right now

Loren: Comic books for Halway Comics and then some paperwork and files for Hale Co.

Lily: And pens! He’s got these really cool Hale Co. pens. *sinks back into the couch when she notices everyone looking at her* They like…glide really well.

Loren: *smiles* I like those pens too, love.

Anonymous asked: Connor, Though your love for Rose is without question, in an alternate universe, should one exist, had you never met Rose, could you have seen yourself just as capable of falling in love and spending your life with a man, even if this meant not necessarily being able to build your 8 child lineage?

Connor: I never even saw myself falling in love at the beginning of my relationship with Rose, so this hypothetical scenario isn’t one I can really entertain. 

rudysteined asked: to the gang: if u had to write a book, what would it be about?

Loren: oh yeah, we talked about this recently. *reaches for bowl of popcorn*

Ryke: pass me the pretzels?

Loren: *hands his brother the pretzel bowl*

Anonymous asked: Curly, straight or natural styled hair- this is in reference to what boys prefer for girls and what girls prefer for themselves)

Ryke: I don’t fucking care.

Daisy: he likes post-sex hair the best.

Ryke: *tosses pretzel at her nose* Where’d you get that idea, Calloway?

Daisy: *bites the pretzel between her teeth* You. *smiles wide with pretzel*

Ryke: *kisses the top of her head*

Anonymous asked: When do you think the right time to give up is? Is it acceptable if you know your not right for a position to walk away and give it to someone who wants it more? Where’s the line? I’m interested to know each of your opinions characters (and maybe authors) because I think this concept is shown a lot through the books

Ryke: if you don’t fucking want something, then you need to give it up.

Rose: translation – do what you want in life.

raifdjanurbi asked: Garrison, what was your first thought when you saw Willow?

Loren: Garrison’s not here, but I asked him this recently, and he walked away from me.

Lily: I saw their first encounter, and I think it was love at first sight.

Loren: Lily also ships couples that never get together.

Lily: that’s not true!

Loren: Klaroline.

Lily: *points at him* Caroline and Klaus had sex on The Vampire Diaries.

Loren: *grimaces* God, Lil…now I’m picturing Garrison and my little sister…

Lily: *flushes* oops.

lantsovv asked: To Lily and Lo: do you ever think of having another child? If not, why?

Lily: Yeah…sometimes

Loren: But not anytime soon

rykeemeadows asked: The addicted gang if you could switch places with any of the Kotova which one would you switch places with?

Loren: what Kotova?

Lily: we met one, remember? He interviewed us one time.

Loren: *frowns* the guy with the sunglasses and jean shorts?
edit by jae

Lily: *nods* that’s him.

Loren: I wouldn’t switch places with him because then you’d be back at Philly and I’d be wherever the hell he is.

Daisy: Vegas *wags brows at Ryke* wanna go back and do a flip with me?

Ryke: *combs hair off her cheek, the one with the scar* you’re going to bust your ass, sweetheart.

Daisy: *mock gasps* you’re going to bust my ass? With what?

Ryke: *kisses Daisy and then whispers in her ear*

Anonymous asked: What’s the one thing you have to have in the fridge at all times?

Daisy: Diet Fizz, Fizz Life, Lightning Bolt!, and just regular Fizz. *winks*

Loren: we should be paid for that endorsement.

Rose: she should be paid. You didn’t endorse anything.

Loren: I love Fizz Life. *looks to Rose* there you go. *flashes half-smile*

Anonymous asked: For Ryke; who would you find more attractive, Daisy’s personality in Lily’s body or Lily’s personality in Daisy’s body? (AND YOU CAN’T PASS, YOU HAVE TO ANSWERR!!)

Ryke: *groans* this would be less fucked up if they weren’t sisters.

Daisy: we can plug our ears if you want.

Ryke: *stares down at her* I don’t have anything to hide, Dais. I’d choose your personality over anything else.

Daisy: Yeah?

Ryke: Yeah, sweetheart. That’s what I fell in love with first.

Anonymous asked: Ryke, do you consider yourself a vagitarian?

Ryke: Fuck no.

Loren: *laughs* He likes turkey clubs and chicken parm too damn much.
Anonymous asked: My question is for Ryke and Daisy, what’s the weirdest place you had sex?

Daisy: *gasps* we have weird sex?

Ryke: weird places, Calloway.

Daisy: you fuck me in weird places?

Ryke: *tackles her on the chair so she’s beneath his body and kisses her neck*

Loren: goddammit, this is a weird place to have sex in front of all of us.

Ryke: *barely looks up and flips hi off and then chucks a pillow at him*

Anonymous asked: Connor and Daisy, explain your dynamic with each other. I feel like you two are the least close in the group, even though you have a lot in common..

Daisy: Connor is my brother-in-law, and we’re cool, right?

Connor: In what sense are you using the word “cool”?

Daisy: we’re friendly.

Connor: *nods* I agree.

Loren: he had to ask what “cool” meant because he knows he’s not cool.

Connor: *laughs into a grin*

Anonymous asked: Ryke and Daisy, I know you two aren’t really talking about children at the moment, but out of curiosity which gender/number would you prefer/be most comfortable with? Rose wanted a girl whilst Lily wanted a boy, any specific preferences for you?

Ryke: *sits up with Daisy still on his lap and looks down at her*

Daisy: *shakes her head* *opens mouth and falters*

Ryke: you don’t have to answer, Dais.

Daisy: …I don’t have a preference.
Anonymous asked: Hi Ryke, I have to say that even though you hardly smile and swear a lot, I think you’re one of my favourites in the group (my favorite male anyway…sorry not sorry connor and lo) I really adore the way you respect women and how you treat daisy is so sweet and beautiful! (daisy you’re so lucky to have him!!:D) anyways to my question -- Ryke: how would you react if someone addressed you as Jonathon?? have you ever considered legally changing your first name?

Ryke: thanks for all of that. And if someone called me Jonathan, I’d tell them my name is Ryke – that fucking simple.

Loren: *looks at Ryke curiously* have you ever wanted to legally change your name though?

Ryke:  sometimes, but I’m just going to stick with what I have for now.

Anonymous asked: How did Connor ask Rose to be his girlfriend? Or did he even ask or was it just something that was automatically implied between the two of them :))

Connor: I called her my girlfriend. She didn’t reject the idea, so it stood as fact.

Rose: *gives him a look* I also remember glaring at you.

Connor: *grins* I know.

Anonymous asked: Connor and Rose- I need your help and advice on revising for exams!

Rose: study a month in advance and make flash cards.

Connor: have me as a tutor.

Rose: *rolls her eyes*

Anonymous asked: If the six of you were having a board game night what would you play?

Connor: Monopoly.

Loren: he likes monopolizing persons, places, and things.

Anonymous asked: If you had to join the cast of a reality show what would you choose?

Daisy: Naked & Afraid, but I don’t think I’d be that afraid. *smiles at Ryke* would you do it with me?

Ryke: I think you have to be naked with a fucking stranger.

Daisy: *smiles wider at him* hello, stranger.

Anonymous asked: Connor and Rose. Lowest score you’ve ever gotten on a test?

Rose: *stares at nails* I’m not disclosing this information.

Connor: For me, it was a 95. Some questions are worded poorly. I answer logically, but not all tests are made by logical people.

Anonymous asked: To the person who asked Rose and Connor about studying-make pretty flash cards! Use tons of colors and write neatly. You will be more likely to remember things if you like the way they look.

Rose: this is perfect advice.

Anonymous asked: What would you say to your 10-year-old self if you had the chance?

Lily: Don’t start touching yourself. *flushes and grabs a blanket to hide underneath*

Loren: *eyes fill with concern* *holds her closer* You know what’s funny, Lil. Mine would have been “don’t start drinking.”

Lily: Really?

Loren: Yeah. Looks like we’re kind of alike. Huh?

Lily: *comes out from blanket cave and lets Lo hold her even closer*

Anonymous asked: For the parents: what after-school activities will you sign the kids up to try? (Eg musical instruments, sports, arts etc)

Rose: Connor and I agree that we’ll sign them up for things they show an interest in, and if they’re not sure, they can try a little of everything until they find something they like.

Lily: I think we’ll probably do the same too.

*Ryke is whispering in Daisy’s ear while her face is turned towards his chest.*

cobaltrose asked: For everyone: script [read: write a blurb to] a horror movie starring you

Rose: every misogynist dies a painful death beneath my heel and the rest of us live in peace and equality. The end.

Connor: It this a happy horror movie, darling? *lips rise*

Rose: *raises chin* Yes. *concentrates on crossword*

Anonymous asked: Rose: If the only way to save a village from exploding was to kiss Loren Hale on the lips, would you do it? *in this scenario, Connor and Lily are ok with it*

Rose: *grimaces and gags* Oh God.

Loren: *grimaces* I’d let the village burn.

Rose: *glares* you’d be that selfish?

Loren: You’re practically Poison Ivy, Rose. Christ, if I kiss you there’s a good chance I’ll die upon contact, so yeah, I’d rather let the village burn and save myself.

Rose: If I kiss you and you die, I’d much rather kiss you.

Loren: not happening.

Anonymous asked: Would any of you ever be into a threesome?

Lily: *clears throat* Are we talking about future threesomes? *eyes dart around the room* And with who exactly?

Connor: Let’s just all agree we’re not interested in any threesomes.

Loren: I’m good with that answer.

Ryke: Me too.

Lily: I like it. *cringes* The answer, just to be clear. I like our agreed-upon answer. *nods resolutely*

Anonymous asked: my question is for Connor. when did you first suspect that Rose was pregnant?

Connor: I knew when I left with Loren and Ryke to fix her flat tire

Anonymous asked: Daisy we know you don’t like conflict but would you ever standup to someone for Ryke the way he does for you?

Daisy: If someone outside of our group talks bad about Ryke, I wouldn’t just sit there and do nothing. I’d definitely say something.

Ryke: she stood up for me a lot when it came to her fucking parents.

Anonymous asked: Guys if the bad press ever gets too bad, you should do another show called Princess of Philly-minus Scott and have it reveal the TRUE you guys, I mean I love you guys because I know the inside story, some people just need it shoved in their faces to understand that ya’ll love each other! It sucks that all three couples had to go through crap to get to your happily ever afters :/

Loren: to do another reality show, we’d have to have most of the control. Because I’m not dealing with a shitty fuck like Scott again and the scripts and the editing…

Rose: I wouldn’t put anyone through that again. It shouldn’t have been like that. I’m sorry,

Loren: *rocks back in surprise* You’re sorry?

Rose: that word is in my vocabulary more than it is in yours, Loren.

Loren: true.

Anonymous asked: Raisy, would either of you get anymore tattoos?

Ryke: yeah.

Daisy: fuck yeah *smiles*

Ryke: *smiles a full-blown smile too*

Anonymous asked: Daisy, do you like peanut butter with chocolate?

Daisy: *gasps (a real gasps)* Oreos and peanut butter are heaven.

Lily: my stomach just grumbled.

Daisy: wanna do a grocery run after this, Lil?

Lily: yeah and we can get Little Debbie Brownies because we’re out.

Daisy: *gasps theatrically* the horror!

Rose: those taste like plastic.

Daisy: *smiles* ten bucks says Rose is going to feed her kids Little Debbie everything.

Loren: I’ll take that bet.

Anonymous asked: If you were locked in a haunted house and you can choose one celebrity to keep you company who would you choose? and you can’t say each other.

Lily: whatever celebrity can get me out of the Haunted House because I don’t want to be stuck in there.

Connor: I’d say you need to choose me, but apparently that’s against the rules.

Loren: choose Harry Potter, Lil. He’ll get you out.

Rose: *scoffs* he’s a fictional character.

Loren: he’s still a celebrity in this world and his own.

Lily: Yeah. He’s the Boy Who Lived.

Anonymous asked: Lilo and Coballoway. Who changes the most diapers?

Loren: this depends on which kid shits the most since we change our own kid’s diaper.

Rose: they change more diapers than us.

Loren: I’m telling your nephew you said that.

Rose: I’m telling your niece you think your son poops less.

Loren: *laughs* Rose said the word “poop.”

Rose: *glares* don’t make me hurt you.

Anonymous asked: The queen of style, this is for you. Many people either prefer to have either cleavage or legs on show, whats your opinion on this and what do you prefer?

Rose: If you feel comfortable and confident flaunting it, you should show it off. I personally prefer showing more leg than cleavage because I like higher collars.

Anonymous asked: would you guys ever do a sit down interview with an oprah or barabara walters to finally let everyone know the true story and end all rumors?

Loren: Maybe. It depends on the timing.

zachsjacket asked: This is mostly directed towards Lo, but how do you feel about Willow and her friendship with Garrison? You seem antagonistic towards it around Halloween, but have your feelings on the matter changed in light of recent events? And to the rest of the gang, what do you all feel about Willow and Garrison being friends, since Willow is a part of your family and Garrison having his track record?

Loren: ehh it’s strange still *scratches the back of his neck* as long as he’s not spending the night…I don’t know. I get that they’re friends, but no one knows what else they are.

Connor: coworkers.

Loren: *lets out a laugh* that too.

Ryke: and some of us are always going to be a little more fucking cautious of Garrison.

Rose: *nods* our allegiance is with Willow.

Lily: I think he’s proved himself though.

Loren: we’re just keeping an eye on things, Lil. It’s not that we don’t believe he wants to be a better person – it’s just that my sister is on the other side of it.

Lily: yeah I know.

helucas asked: Hi guys! This one is for Lily and Lo; As you know (I highly doubt you don’t know about it) a lot of superheroes movies are coming out the next couple of years.. which one of them are you the most excited for? and why? :)

Loren: X-Men Apocalypse just came out or I’d choose that.

(Background info: It’s July 2016 in the Addicted world)

Lily: Guardians of the Galaxy 2 comes out next year.

Loren: *nods* that’s a good one.

Anonymous asked: For Rose: I’m really considering becoming a designer – you inspired me, so do you have any advice for an upcoming designer?

Rose: be confident in your designs and your style, but in the same breath, be open to learning new things from people around you.

Anonymous asked: Gang, do any of you guys like the band HAIM?

Daisy: *raises hand* Their music is so good.

Rose: That’s the band with sisters, right?

Daisy: *nods* Yep. They’re all sisters and they play instruments and they’re awesome. The end.

Lily: *smiles* That was a good story.

Daisy: Thank ya. *bows dramatically*

Anonymous asked: I LOVE YOU LILY! You’ve inspired me so so much, and I’m very grateful for you. My question for you is, what comic books would you recommend? :D

Lily: *perks up* New Mutants! They’re the best generation.

Loren: but only the ones with Scott Summers.

Lily: nuh-uh they’re all good.

Anonymous asked: Rose..Would you ever give Connor a lap dance or striptease?

Rose: *snorts* no.

Connor: *grins as he fills out the crossword*

Rose: stop smiling, Richard.

Connor: impossible.

Anonymous asked: Hi Raisy!!!? What is one thing you do together that doesn’t involve adventure? I love you guys

Daisy: He paints my toenails sometimes.

Ryke: *laughs*

Loren: *frowns* You do not.

Ryke: *shrugs* So what if I do.

Loren: *shakes his head* bro, I don’t know you anymore.

Lily: *nudges Loren* It’s cute. *whispers to him* Raisy is alive.

helucas asked: Ryke: Since you dressed up as Green Arrow a couple of times, I’ve been wondering who’s your favorite character? Is it Oliver Queen or?

Ryke: I’ve only watched Arrow a couple of times, but I liked the girl who’s the lawyer or something like that…I can’t remember her name.

Loren: Laurel Lance. He cheated on her and then her sister died.

Lily: Spoiler alert, Lo!

Loren: people need to catch up, love. That happened a while ago.

Daisy: *looks to Ryke* Is Laurel who you meant?

Ryke: yeah, that’s her.

jaebooklover asked: So we know Daisy and Ryke have seen ‘Amour’ in Vegas and enjoyed it. Do you all plan on having a sort of big family outing with the kids to see one of Aerial Ethereal’s shows?

Loren: in Vegas? I don’t know…we have the kids now so I don’t see us traveling there any time soon.

Daisy: you guys could go for a weekend. It’s worth it.

Rose: I’d have to check my calendar.

Loren: Queen Rose is all booked up.

Anonymous asked: What’s the wildest thing you’ve done Daisy?

Daisy: *looks straight at Ryke* had sex with Ryke Meadows.

Ryke: you’re the wild one, sweetheart.

Daisy: *smiles* but you do this thing where you-

Loren: what are we rating this interview thing? PG? G?

Ryke: how about FU?

Loren: *whistles* I haven’t heard that one before.

...Character Takeover lives on into the night!
(Note from Krista & Becca) 

We’ve had TONS more “asks” than we normally ever receive during these takeovers, so we’ve decided to extend the takeover into the night. To do this, we’re going to shut off the “ask” system until we’re done (this way the characters can get through the questions that’ve been waiting to be answered).

This will also be more sporadic because the gang needs to eat and take a couple of breaks, but you’ll see more answers until the end of the night!

Thanks for all the AMAZING questions! We hope you’re enjoying the takeover! *hugs and kisses*

daisycalloway asked: Between the six of you, who have the most ticklish side?

*the gang is back after a short dinner break (they ordered Lucky’s form downtown and all the guys went to pick it up)*

Daisy: My theory is that Ryke is the most ticklish. I’ll test it now. *tickles Ryke beneath his knee*

Ryke: *barely flinches and then tickles Daisy’s foot*

Daisy: *tries to contain herself like him, but ends up squirming on his lap and bursting out laughing* okay, okay.

Ryke: What was that, Calloway? *lifts her shirt up and tickles her waist*

Daisy: *through laughter* Theory disproven! Theory disproven!

Ryke: *bites her shoulder playfully before lifting her back on his lap*

Anonymous asked: If you could travel to any place in the world right now, where would you go?

Lily: Hogwarts.

Connor: I wish these questions would preface “real” places in the world.

Daisy: what about under the sea? *wags brows*

Lily: with Little Mermaid.

Daisy: and Sebastian the crab.

Loren: that crab is annoying.

Lily: then you can come to Hogwarts with me.

Connor: we’ve traveled beyond the question now.

Anonymous asked: Daisy, what sort of jobs or careers are you interested in? If you could be anything what would you want to be?

Daisy: I think I’d like to have a career in being a wild animal. *howls* *bites Ryke’s shoulder (like he bit hers)*

Ryke: *messes Daisy’s hair*

Daisy: *stares up at him flirtatiously, her hair a mess like post-sex* let’s do it how animals do it.

Ryke: and what’s it?

Daisy: *mouths* fuck me.

Anonymous asked: Shout out to Willow and Garrison! How old are you guys? I just read FTF and have already forgotten! haha whoops

Loren: they’re both eighteen now- two years younger than Daisy.

Daisy: *pumps fist in the air* I’m no longer a teenager.

Loren: and there’s my older brother, letting out a breath of relief. *flashes dry smile at Ryke*

Ryke: *flips him off*

Anonymous asked: #CrazyforRaisy all day. everyday.

Lily: *beams*

Loren: *looks down at her and can’t stop smiling*

Anonymous asked: Lo and Lily does Moffy have a favorite toy he can’t be without like Jane with her lion?

Lily: no, he’s not attached to toys like Jane is, but he does love his Spider-Man blanket.

Loren: *nods* yeah, if we had to pick anything, it’d be that.

Anonymous asked: Connor…During that time in AAA when Jane was crying and so was moffy and you came running out… But left rose…What position was rose in?

Rose: *looks to Connor* are we really answering this?
Connor: it’s up to you, darling.

Rose: *pulls back her shoulders confidently* my wrists were handcuffed to one of the bedposts.

Loren: *slow claps*

Ryke: *joins in the slow clap*

Rose: *rolls her eyes but smiles*

Anonymous asked: Connor and Rose: first thought during the first sonogram together?

Loren: *cuts in* where are my baby’s hooves?

Rose: *glares*

Loren: Oh wait, I forgot, the horns grow in first.

Rose: you would know.

Loren: *touches his heart mockingly* ouch.

Anonymous asked: Rose and Lo how will you interact once your kids are older since they seem to be pretty close would you censor yourselves around them or assume they understand your dynamic?

Loren: *thinks for a minute* this is way too far in the future to know. I can barely see one year in advance.

Rose: personally, it’d be hard to act any other way with Loren, but we’d hope our kids understood that even though he annoys every nerve in my brain – I still consider him family.

Loren: that’s her way of saying she loves me.

Rose: *rolls her eyes dramatically but doesn’t deny it*

adriantomysydney asked: Lily and Lo, to which Harry Potters do you relate the most?

Loren: Draco

Lily: *scrunches her face at him* You’re not Draco.

Loren: *pinches her cheek playfully* you have to say that, you’re my little ‘puff.

Lily: I’m serious, Lo. Draco is bad and stays bad.

Loren: yeah but I’d like to think that he changed somewhere along the way, you know? It sucks that he never had any growth when every other character did. So in my world, he learned and he’s good in the end.

Lily: *nods* Okay.

Loren:  and who do you relate to?

Lily: Neville.

Loren: *laughs into a smile* you do turn as red as him.

Lily: *flushes* 
Anonymous asked: does Samantha have a key to the house you live in?

Loren: I made her a key.

Ryke: …one that doesn’t fucking work.

Loren: *gives him a look* you should be patting me on the back.

Ryke: you’re too far away from me or else I would.
Anonymous asked: ryke, did you ever apologize to lily, after noticing how much of an asshole you were those 3 months lo went away and she was struggling with her addiction?? did you ever compliment her for how well she is doing?

Ryke: *sighs heavily and leans forward to look at Lily who’s on the loveseat with Lo* you know I care about you, right?

Lily: *nods* yeah, I really do.

Loren: *cuts in* I just need to point out why my fucking brother is nice. Every time someone says he’s being a dick to a girl, he feels bad. If you could see his face right now, you’d know that too. If someone said this to me, I wouldn’t even turn to the girl to check on her – I’m the motherfucking asshole, okay? He’s not even close.

Ryke: it’s fine, Lo.

Loren: Everyone should cut you some slack. This shit gets to you.

Ryke: Lo, seriously, it’s fucking fine. Don’t worry about me.

Loren: *lets out a deep breath, more aggravated* *he spins his wedding ring* 

Anonymous asked: Does anyone in the gang draws well?

*everyone looks to Rose*

Rose: I can sketch well.

lanstovv asked: To Connor and Rose: can you describe your trip to Bora Bora in one word?

Connor: stimulating.

Rose: mediocre.

Connor: *lips rise* such lies, darling.

daesungisgoodinbed asked: Ryke, when the time comes for a baby, do you prefer a boy or a girl? and their name will be???????????

Ryke: I don’t have a preference, and I haven’t thought about names either…

*everyone goes quiet*

Anonymous asked: what kind of crossword are rose and connor working on?

Rose: *looks to Connor with the newspaper in her hand*

Connor: *looks to Rose and speaks in French*

Rose: *replies back in French*

Loren: who cares what the crossword is? It’s just one of those boring things in the back of a newspaper.

Anonymous asked: To Ryke, Lo, and Connor, what makes you guys blush?

Connor: I’ve never blushed.

Loren: it’s part of his superpowers.

steadyflame asked: This question is for everyone. If you could be best friends with any fictional character, who would it be and why?

Daisy: Bella Swan because she gets in a lot of danger without really trying. It’d be exciting – but I think I’d like for Edward to take a nap or something because we’d have more fun in chaos without him dissolving it.

Lily: *whispers* Edward doesn’t sleep.

Daisy: Right…then he can play his piano for a day or two while Bella and I ride motorcycles and kill bad vampires together.

Loren: you’d be better friends with Buffy.

Daisy: I never watched Buffy.

Loren: youths.

Ryke: she’s not that much fucking younger than you.

Loren: *touches his chest* but my pop culture knowledge is at least twenty years ahead of hers.

Thank you for the amazing Character Day!
(Closing remarks from Krista & Becca)

Lily has fallen asleep against Loren. He quietly lifts her up in his arms, and he carries her upstairs.

Rose stands with Connor, and he laces her hand in his, Rose looks at all the food and bowls on the coffee table. She fixes some of the pillows on the couch.

Ryke: Daisy and I will clean up. You two can head out.

Rose: are you sure?

Ryke: positive.

Connor: we’ll see you both tomorrow. *leads Rose out of the living room*

Ryke: *on the over-sized chair, he cages Daisy beneath his body and stares down at her, their legs tangled together* you tired, Daisy?

Daisy: not at all. *slides her legs around either side of his waist* what are you going to do about it?

Ryke: *kisses her roughly and then reaches down between her legs* *then he whispers in her ear* I’m going to light up your fucking world, sweetheart.

Daisy: *looks more serious* didn’t you hear? I’m hard to light up.

Ryke: Didn’t you fucking hear? I’d try everything until you do.

Daisy: *rises up towards him just as he lowers down, meeting each other in a hungry, desirous kiss.



Thank you all for joining the Addicted gang and asking questions! They were AWESOME!!! We really hope you enjoyed the third ever character takeover. We had a blast! We’re going to delete all the unanswered questions for the gang so we’re not confused about which ones belong to the takeover and which ones are for us. BUT we’ll save the asks that would be fantastic blog posts in the future!

xoxo Krista & Becca  

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