Wednesday, May 6, 2015

News and Updates + New BONUS MATERIAL!

Hiya Fizzle Force!  Time for some news and updates!  If you want to stay on top of what's currently happening with Krista & Becca and any new bonus materials thrown our way, the best way to do that is to subscribe to their Newsletter!  They send out updates once a week and you can check out the past newsletters by clicking on the image below.

First things first, FUEL THE FIRE is now AVAILABLE ON PAPERBACK!!!  Get yours today!  You can also order a signed copy by visiting Krista & Becca's website.
It's been a while since Krista & Becca had a Live Chat on YouTube and word on the street is that they're going to have another one very, very soon!  The announcement hasn't been made yet, but keep your eyes peeled!  You can follow them on Facebook and/or Twitter to get the latest and greatest!

Also, if you've been hiding under a rock recently, Addicted to You is FREE right now!  For a limited time only!  Go and get your copy (if you still don't own it) or go tell your friends, family, frenemies, surface friends, and anyone else who needs to read this series, pronto!
In case you missed it, Kiss the Sky is a part of the Dirty Boys of Summer boxed set that's releasing on June 2nd!  This boxed set includes 16 full-length, sweet, and sexy novels.  Pre-order your copy now for only $0.99!!!  That's 16 books for about $0.06 each!!!  It's a steal that you don't want to miss!!

You can join the Dirty Boys of Summer FB Release Party HERE.

If you live near or around Tulsa, Oklahoma, chances are you went to the Hard Rock Author Event this past weekend on May 2nd.  If not and for those who couldn't be there, Krista & Becca made this special video for all of you!

We're at the Tulsa Hard Rock Event and wanted to say hi to all those who couldn't be here! You're here in spirit with us!! #FizzleForceUnite -- KB
Posted by Krista & Becca Ritchie on Saturday, May 2, 2015

Here is their tour schedule for the remainder of the year and into 2016:

August 8th, 2015: Golden Gate Author Event - San Francisco, CA
September 12th, 2015: Black & Gold Author Event - Pittsburgh, PA
October 3rd, 2015: Sassy in Savannah Author Event - Savannah, GA
April 30th, 2016: Emerald City Author Event - Seattle, WA

Last, but certainly not least, Krista & Becca had a surprise treat for us last week!  They released a Coballoway BONUS MATERIAL!!!  Click HERE or the image below to read all about it!  The bonus material takes place during Rose & Connor's honeymoon in Bora Bora ❤︎


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