Monday, May 11, 2015

Fizz Live #6: All About Fuel The Fire

I'm totally bummed that I missed hanging out with Krista & Becca on YouTube.  Their last Live Chat was on May 8, and if you missed it too like I did, you can watch it below or by going to their YouTube page

Gosh!  I can't get over the girls' cuteness!  Those tank tops!  I want one of each and in the video, they talk about where you can get one for yourself.  So, I've watched every single video they've posted and I've met both of them in person.  I've noticed that they both have their own little quirk.  Does anyone else notice how adorable Becca is?  I mean, in this video she seems like she's dancing to her own music and keeps swaying left and right every now and then lol (I can't stop laughing).   And OMG Krista with her sexy little signature eyebrow raising going on.  The cat ears are perfect!

SPOILER ALERT for those who haven't read Fuel the Fire yet.  The entire video is all about Fuel the Fire (hence, the title).

Here are some of the highlights from the video:
  1. Fuel the Fire is pretty much discussed in great detail.  I love how Krista & Becca give us a breakdown of what some of the major scenes meant and what their thought process were when writing them. 
  2. They talk about the Addicted Series Bible
  3. Krista & Becca give a breakdown of each of the relationships and how they've progressed in the books
  4. The fans have voted and Krista & Becca reveal Willow and Garrison's official ship name
  5. Surprise free chapters of a certain couple on Krista & Becca's blog, posted sporadically :)
  6. They reveal a new book that they're writing outside of the Addicted series (*screams in excitement*)
  7. More companion novels in the future (outside of the Addicted series)
Oh, and the video is slightly over 2 hours long.  LOTS of good information is revealed!

Also, we had another Twitter Party this past Saturday, May 9th.  If you want to see what went on, just search for the hashtag #SpinYourHead or click on the image below.

 Fizzle out!

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