Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Krista & Becca's Fizzle Force

If you follow this blog religiously for Addicted Series updates, I'm so sorry I have been quiet lately.  My kiddo just started school this week so I've been busy getting her prepared.

Now that she's on her third day of school and doing well, I've got a little bit of breathing room.

So, FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS - the fans have spoken and we now have a brand-spankin-new fandom name!  Woot woot!!

Direct from Krista & Becca, HELLO FIZZLE FORCE!!!
poster by Krista & Becca

I love that name!  It has a nice superhero ring to it and I'm sure Lily and Lo are thrilled of this fandom name!  Before Krista & Becca had the poll, my darling Siiri (from Little Pieces of Imagination) and I were busy trying to put a couple of buttons together for Fizzle Force and Addicted Darlings.  Since Addicted Darlings didn't win, we don't see the need to post any of the draft buttons we were working on for it.  Here's what we put together for Fizzle Force

Siiri did most of the work.  I just threw some ideas to her and sent her some images to use. 

NEXT ORDER OF BUSINESS - Krista & Becca had a cover reveal of their new standalone romance book, Amour Amour!!!  In case you missed any of the blog posts or their announcement on Facbook, here is yet another beautiful cover by the super talented Krista!  This book is due to be released December 12, 2014.

Amour Amour Cover Reveal

FINAL ORDER OF BUSINESS - Atlanta Author Occasion this Saturday, August 23, 2014.  Krista & Becca will be attending their very first author signing event!!  They will be selling copies of the entire Addicted series (including the newly released Thrive) and will be giving away tons of swag and merchandise at their booth!

If you haven't heard anything about this event, click HERE to go to the Facebook Event page, click HERE for more information, and click HERE to register.

After the event, we will be having dinner and discussions with the dynamite duo.  You must be a member of the Addicted Series Facebook Group in order to RSVP to this dinner event!

Post adjourned!  May the force be with you!


  1. Every time I hear that I'm a part of "Fizzle Force" I feel so super haha. Also, I am incredibly jealous that you're hanging out with the twins after the Atlanta Author Event! Hope you have loads of fun!

    1. Hahaha! I'm so in love with our new fandom name!! Well, this is the first of many author signings for them and I'm sure they'll tour somewhere near you in the future! Then you'll have the chance to meet them too! Tbh, I'm still in freak out mode about this weekend. I'm really just going there to meet the twins so I haven't done any research on all the other authors that are also going to be at the event. I would stand around their booth all day if I could lol :D