Monday, August 11, 2014

New Standalone Novel + Thrive One Week Challenge + IF List

Have you heard?  Krista & Becca are releasing a new standalone romance novel!!  They just announced the title, summary, and release date.

              Love is a circus

Release Date: December 12, 2014

Read the full Summary HERE

It is a new book outside of the Addicted series and the cover reveal is set for Thursday, August 14th.  Sign-ups for the cover reveal are open now and is hosted by Natalie from Love Between the Sheets.

 Cover Reveal Sign-Ups ➜


Sue from Young Adult Hollywood thought of this really cool one week challenge where you post anything that would represent the assigned challenge for the day.

It started from August 4th and ran through August 5th.  If you're interested to see what everyone came up with for each day's challenge, go to Tumblr and search for atyedit.

Here is the post for the challenge

Here are my posts for each day:
Day #1: Your favorite book from the series
Day #2: Your favorite quote from the Thrive / series
Day #3: Your favorite character from the series
Day #4: Your favorite romantic ship from the series
Day #5: Your favorite brotp from the series
Day #6: Your favorite song that remind you of your otp
Day #7: Your favorite scene from Thrive / the series

Also, if you're dying to see the Addicted series on TV, and if you have someone in mind of who you think should play the part for each Addicted character, go to IF List and propose your dream cast!

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