Thursday, March 13, 2014

♥♥ 14 Days Until Hothouse Flower ♥♥

In case you haven't heard, Krista & Becca will be hosting a 10-Day Promo Tour for Hothouse Flower with the help of quite a few super awesome bloggers!

From March 18th to March 28th, bloggers will post promo material that will range from character interviews, author interviews, excerpts, teasers, posters, guest posts, and anything else that comes to mind.

More than likely, I will be posting the links to each blog daily during the tour. 

For now, here's the 14 days until Hothouse Flower countdown poster (only 2 weeks left!).  Oh, and if you've been following these teasers closely, you'll notice that the quotes are from Kiss the Sky on these last few ones.  That's because if you haven't read Kiss the Sky yet, I highly suggest you MUST read it before you read Hothouse Flower in order to get the full effect of Daisy + Ryke's story.

Actually, what you should do is start from Addicted to You and work your way through the series in order to get the full background and have a much better understanding of Daisy + Ryke's story.  That way, you'll get the chance to watch their story grow to fruition.

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