Monday, March 24, 2014

✾ Hothouse Flower Promo Tour Stops: March 24 ✾

Just 3 more days and so many hours left!  Holy Hale and Calloway!!!!  It's so close!!!

Here are the Hothouse Flower Promo Tour stops for today, March 24th.  Today we've got an excerpt, Text Conversation between Ryke & Daisy, and Character Playlists!  Thank you for following the tour! 

✾  ✾  ✾

March 24

✾  ✾  ✾

Be sure to stop by Krista & Becca's tumblr for the latest Q&A!  There has been quite a few questions asked lately.

Here is today's poster to mark the 3 days until Hothouse Flower countdown (edit by the super talented +Ate Lanie)

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