Thursday, March 27, 2014

✾ ✾ Hothouse Flower Promo Tour Stops: March 27 ✾ ✾

TOMORROW IS THE BIG DAY!!!  I can't believe we will finally have Hothouse Flower in our hands.  I'm so excited I could scream!!!

Here are the Hothouse Flower Promo Tour stops for today, March 27th. Thank you so much for following the tour!!
✾  ✾  ✾

March 27

✾  ✾  ✾

Stop by Fizz Life and read up on the latest Q&As!  

Here is today's poster, courtesy of +Ate Lanie, to mark the final hours until Hothouse Flower is released.

And here's a quote from Addicted for Now (Cancun scene) that Ryke said to Lo when Lo was ripping him a new one because of some inappropriate remark Ryke made towards Daisy. 


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